Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review - The Butt Out Tool

A few weeks ago I killed a nice doe. As I was getting ready to field dress it my friend, Pastor Buck, asked "have you ever used the Butt Out tool?" I had not, so he opened his posibilities bag and handed me his. "It makes things a whole lot easier and cleaner" he said.

I highly respect Buck, but was a little dubious. Its funny. I have no problem ripping the guts out of a dead deer, but hesitate to stick something up its butt. Anyway, he walked me through how to use it. Of course, Buck was right. It made field dressing much easier and cleaner.

There is no way to describe how this works without being gross. I'll just quote the manufacturer's web site:

"At the start of the field dressing process, the tool should be inserted to the handle into the deer’s anal cavity, then turn it approximately 1-1/2 turns and use the handle to pull out a 10-inch section of the deer’s intestine, which can then be cut off. Then the rest of the field dressing job can be done quickly."

It really does work quite well. I think that once any hunter uses it, they will never want to field dress a deer the old fashioned way.

The more I hunt, the less gear I find myself bringing out to the woods. Most of the consistently successful hunters I know carry very little gear with them. This tool, however, has earned a permanent, never-leave-in-the-truck spot in my possibilities pouch.

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