Tuesday, August 22, 2017

5 must have power tools you should own

 Editors Note: I've focused on building things for my outdoors adventure, but I've never focused on the tools I use. This guest post does exactly that! 

Some tools may be expensive but if you have a plan to buy them on a priority basis, within a short period of time, you have a good stock. Only then, you will realize why you need to have these 5 Must Have Power Tools.

If you look back history you will find lots of carpentry and construction was done by a hand tool. But the era has changed and a power tool can perform multi tasks, thousands time better compared to previous handmade tools. You may find the hand tool performance is slower than US congress passing their budget.

Rotary Power Tool

Exceptionally designed for multipurpose uses by skilled mechanical engineers a rotary power tool is considered the revolutionary DIY working tool. The rotary tool lets you cut metal more easily and conveniently with it super power capacity. It has also the capacity of doing precise and small scale DIY tasks. You can also use one of the best rotary tools like a pencil.

They also have various rotary speeds from 5000 rpm-32000 rpm and have the ability to adjust the overall speed according to you task patterns and your job requirements. It is a versatile power tool has various attachments so you can use it for cutting, grinding, polishing, carving, and shaping all possible way of your needs.


Sanding is not a fun task but a good sander can make the process much less painless. Look for a palm sander for light work, a disk sander for moderate work and a belt sander for the heavy jobs. THis is one of those tools we don't enjoy using, but everyone needs.

Power Drill

A drill is indispensable, It is amazing how often you will need to make holes in stuff! A cordless drill is your best bet as it can easily drill holes and drive screws.

However, If you need to perform your work on a consistent area then you can buy a corded power drill. It offers higher power compared to cordless one but you may require an extension cord.

You have to keep in mind that the cordless power drill has 2 speeds but corded one has variable speed.

Table Saw

A table saw is strictly not necessary, but it is very useful. You can use a table saw for mitering, cross-cutting, and many more tasks.

A better quality table saw have integrated utility and safety features including rip fences, better blades, super power motors and flexible table. They can make your work much easier.

Screw Gun

This is more of a convenience item, but one worth getting. A screw gun is basically a screwdriver with a motor attached. It makes short work of tedious tasks and saves yout hands and writs from unnecessary strain.

The better tools you have, the better your work will be and the more you will enjoy doing it!

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