Monday, August 14, 2017

The Best Tips For Staying Awake While Hunting - Guest Post

Here is an interesting guest post on how to get the rest you need for a successful hunt. It is an important consideration that I had never thought of.


If you are interested in staying awake as much as possible and maximizing the amount of sleep you get during the hunting season, read on. We will explore how to do it and the best way to ensure that you are not sleep deprived while hunting while at the same time ways to ensure that you get as much hunting time as possible.

Catch Up With Sleep
The number one strategy to ensure that you maximize the amount of time you have during the hunting season, you need to make up for the so-called "sleep debt" in the weeks leading up to the hunting season. Humans need at least one of sleep to properly function and stay alert for two hours. With this regard, if you are getting less than eight hours of sleep, there is an accumulation of sleep debt that needs to be made up for. In this regard, prior to the hunting season, try as much as possible to make up the debt.

Take Naps
During the hunting season, the tradition has been to hunt during the weekend and work throughout the week. After all, life must go on and responsibilities must be met. This means that during the weekends when you are hunting, you tend to build up a substantial sleep debt. As such, to make up for this debt, make a point of regularly taking naps during the week in order to offset the difference. Whenever you have a chance, take a nap. For instance, the period right after work is a good time to naps in readiness for hunting weekends.

Additionally, when you experience being sleepy while hunting, take 10- or 20-minute power naps. This gets rid of the adenosine (the chemical responsible for the grogginess feeling) out of your brain.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Those glasses of wine or bottles of beer that you regularly take after dinner tend may seem fine, but unbeknown to many, they do influence the quality of sleep that one gets during. As the alcohol wears off, there is a tendency for many people to experience subtle withdrawals. The withdrawals tend to cause the awakening, negating the quality of sleep that you experience, which in effects affects your alertness while hunting. In this regard, negate the amount of alcohol that you consume in the period leading up to the hunting season. Better yet, keep off alcohol completely.

Make Your Hunting Sleep Experience Comfortable
For proper rest and sleeping, make a point of making your sleeping experience as comfortable as possible. Therefore, if you are sleeping on the ground, carry with you supplies that make the sleeping experience comfortable. For instance, carry with you sleeping pads that are rated for all weather, earplug, and a blindfold. Additionally, carry items that simulate the feeling of being at home. For instance, carry your favorite pair of pajamas or sleep time book.

Opt For Medication
If you anticipate finding it difficult to sleep while on a hunting expedition, you should consider purchasing "hypotonics" sleeping pills that have been proved to be safe and effective to use on a short-term basis. Such medications include Ambien and Sonata.

If you need to stay focused for longer periods of time then there are a wide range of things that can help with that too. CogniTune has a great, wide selection of these.

You should also determine possible medical conditions that will interfere with your sleep quality. Such conditions include sleep apnea, heart conditions, and Parkinson's disease.

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