Monday, August 28, 2017

Why a Red Dot is a Good First Optic

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Do you want to improve your aiming speed and accuracy? Then a red dot sight is a good first optic to use, and it is because of the following reasons.
Different Red Dot Types at Your Disposal
There are two basic types of red dot sights, tube/tubeless and holographic. The tube type allows you to have an option of fitting dust covers and has the ability to add filters such as haze filters. The tubeless type is hollow, but resembles the tube type.  

The holographic design comprises of a flat base with a single loop of material that helps it support the reflective optics. The tube/tubeless types are heavy compared to the holographic type.
Fast and Easy Target acquisition
A red dot is a good first optic that allows you to sight your target fast and easy at both long ranges and close ranges.

With the red dot you will never have to keep the front sight aligned with a rear sight.  It is best when you wish to acquire targets precisely at close range.
Increased Situational Awareness
With a red dot, you will not have to shift your focus from the front sight to the target, but stay focused when taking shots. Keeping you focused ensures that you acquire fast shots and quick targeting.

Red dot sights are popular all over the world and are mostly used by shooters who compete in shooting sports. New shooters are also recommended to mount their pistols with the red dot sight. They are easy to learn how to use.
Can Be Used in Low light Conditions
In low light conditions, a red dot sight works well if its brightness is properly managed. Red dots feature either automatic brightness sensors or manual controls. In order for it to work in low light, the red dot has to be adjusted up to the right brightness; not too dim or too bright.

The red dot comprises of active or passive adjustments for the dot’s brightness. This allows a bright dot to be used in bright conditions for visibility and a dim dot to be used in low light conditions to prevent loss of night vision.

It is best suited for individuals with poor eyesight. Elderly shooters or those with eyesight problems may find it difficult to focus on a front sight. The red dot sight solves the problem by always appearing in focus, even when focusing on far distant targets.

You may also use night vision gears such as NVGS, when targeting at night. It is hard to shoot targets at night, but the red dot sight makes it easier by providing you with superior focusing.
Allows One-Handed Operations
Mounting the red dot on a pistol creates a right-angled projection on the slide that can be used to track the slide, reload and clear malfunctions with one hand. It its an easy to use sight that mounts well on various weapons
Comes With Versatile Reticle Patterns
Red dot sight reticles are measured in MOA (minutes of angle), which is best suited for shooters using English units. The most common reticle used in red dot sights is a small dot that is provided in different MOA sizes, such as 1 MOA, 3 MOA or 5 MOA.

The size you choose does mainly depend on preference and convenience with respect to the application. For instance, a 5 MOA is large so you can aquite your target quickly. With a 1 MOA reticle, the dot will cover 1.05 inches at 100 yards.

You get to experience a single point of focus when a red dot sight places the target and reticle near the same optical plane.  Red dots with small reticles are best for acquiring precise shots at a long distance range.

A small dot covers less space and does not obstruct your target, making it easy to use the red dot up to 200 yards. On the other hand, red dots with a large reticle are easy to see and fast at acquiring targets unlike the small reticles.

Another significant attribute of most high-end red dot sights is the ability to provide multiple reticle patterns, including a dot, a circle, crosshairs, or a combination of two of the mentioned reticle patterns.
You Get Superior Eye Relief
Eye relief is the functional distance that the optic is placed away from the shooter's eye. Red dot optics that are not magnified, offer you unlimited eye relief, meaning that the red dot can be mounted as far from your eye as you want.

A long eye relief prevents the site from impairing the user's vision during recoil. It also allows you to experience more peripheral vision and fast setup.

Generally, a red dot is the best first optic that will make your shooting experience more fun. New shooters and also experts can use it for fun, learning and in fast shooting competitions.

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