Thursday, September 14, 2017

A guide to kayak fishing - Guest Post

Editors Note: Here is another guest post for you! This one is near and dear to my heart, kayak fishing!

Kayak fishing is something which dates from centuries ago, yet not one which is mastered by many. It is an activity which requires concentration and skill, so if you are a laborious and creative person, then you may be interested in it. In our kayak fishing guide we will provide you with basic advice and ideas regarding this type of activity, and how you can overcome challenges and become a successful fishermen.

Features that your Kayak should have:

- A quality rod holder

You won't be able to paddle and fish at the same time, unless you are Superman. Therefore, in order to practice this activity, your kayak will need to have a rod holder feature. Some models have this feature built in, while for others you will need to manually purchase and install it on top of the kayak.

- Anchor system

In order to improve your odds of capturing fish, you will need to be perfectly still. Therefore, consider an anchor system that is heavier and which will prevent your kayak from moving. In this way more fish will bite the bait, and you will get home with something good to fry.

- Paddle leash

When practicing kayak fishing it's actually quite easy to lose your paddle, especially when leaning too much or when capturing bigger fish. In order to avoid this from happening, you will need a quality paddle leash. If your kayak model doesn't have one pre-installed, then you will need to buy one separately from Amazon and install it (installation is simple).

- Plenty of storage space

Unless you want to walk home with just 2 or 3 fish in the bag, you need to ensure that your kayak has enough storage space for this activity. Typically you will need a two-person kayak if you want to go fishing alone.

Tips for Kayak Fishing:

- Watch and be prepared for the weather and unexpected events

You need to be prepared for bad or sunny weather as well as for accidental falls in the water. It's recommended to get a dry suit (half cotton half polyester) to use in your kayak fishing trips, a safety vest, and some floating waterproof bag (costs between 3usd and 15usd on Amazon) in which to store your essential goods; phone, wallet, keys.

- Make sure that you master both sports

In order to be good at this activity, you must be a master of both fishing and kayaking. Therefore, practice them separately in the beginning until you realize that you are good with both, and after that you can go kayak fishing with peace of mind.

- Avoid overburdening the kayak

If it's one of the first times when you go kayak fishing, then you will be tempted to carry plenty of useless stuff with you. However, it's best to empty your pockets and go with just the essentials, plus some little food and water, since you never know when you may take an unexpected fall in the water.

- Ask for information from the local fishermen

Unless you know the river or lake where you fish 100% by heart, it's recommended to get in touch with the local fishermen. They will help you understand the best swimming spots in the area, as well as further obstacles which you may need to overcome (bad areas, currents, etc).

These are the best tips that you learn from our kayak fishing guide. Remember to have fun, be patient and be prepared to take on the fish, and your success levels will rise along.
Best of luck!

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