Monday, September 11, 2017

Advantages of Using a Pop-Up Tent While Camping or Hiking

Editors note: Another great guest post today that focuses on camping!

Advantages of Using a Pop-Up Tent While Camping or Hiking

Camping and hiking are great ways to get outdoors. But whether or not you do either of this often, having a good tent to rely on for a rest or to get out of the elements is smart planning. When you buy a tent, it really pays to do some investigating and choose one that suits your needs.

But it goes well beyond how many people the tent can host and whether or not it is waterproof, even on the bottom to keep from getting soggy all around. And while those are important factors, as is the ease of carrying it, one other thing you should consider is how quickly you can set it up.

That’s why pop-up tents are a brilliant solution. Here are the many advantages of using a pop-up tent on your outdoor excursions.

They set up fast

Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of employing a pop-up tent for your camping and hiking trips. It opens up, or pops up if you will, in an instant. That means that you don’t have to waste time setting up. It’s such a huge benefit if the weather has suddenly turned inclement and you need shelter fast. It’s also a blessing when you’ve got kids or dogs (or kids AND dogs) and you’re trying to set up camp while everyone is running amok.

They come in all sizes

Whether it’s just you and your love for a romantic night under the stars or you’re bringing along another family to join yours, there are pop-up tents in every size. You’ll be sure to find one that has enough room for everyone, and the best part is it opens up instantly so you can get started enjoying your camping adventure together.

They can be used for other outdoor adventures too

If you have a smaller pop-up tent which fits into a good backpack, you can get even more use out of it when you go to the beach or the park for a picnic. This is especially helpful on a windy day or if you think the kids could do without being in the sun for a spell. Unlike beach umbrellas, they’re easier to keep in one place and it provides shelter from the sand. If you’re at the park and the bugs are getting to you, you can also duck inside for a bug-free zone. And when everyone is out in the sun and sand, you can stow all the kids’ toys in there so no one will trip over them.

The kids can play in it at home

When you’re not outside on an adventure, you can use a pop-up tent to amuse the kids. If you have a yard, simply pop it open and let the kids play in there on a hot day. And who says you can’t camp out in your yard either? It’s a great distraction to change the pace of the day, plus if you’re having a party, the kids will be busy playing in the pop-up tent, leaving the adults to have a chance to converse like adults for a change.

They make pet-sized pop-up tents

Taking Fido along for the camping trip? Why not get him his own pop-up tent? As a bonus, you can use it at home on hot days so he has a shady place to duck into when the sun is a scorcher.

They’re durable and priced right

Pop-up tents are extremely durable and able to withstand some rough weather. Of course, you’ll need to compare brands for features, sizes, and quality, but they all offer a great value. Pop-up tents are no more expensive than traditional tents, so unless you truly have a thing for doing stuff the old-fashioned way, a pop-up tent really makes sense.

Whether you’re a novice camper or an old seasoned pro, a pop-up tent makes short work of setting up camp. Such short work that it’s open and set up in less than 60 seconds. That gives you more time to gather around the campfire and start grilling, take hikes, go for a dip in the lake or any other activity you wish to embark on.

Ready for a camping trip? Why not pop open a pop-up tent the next time you go so you can focus on the most important aspects of camping, like getting closer to family and nature.

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