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How to Heat a Tent: Things You Need to Have - Guest Post

One of the greatest experiences that you can enjoy is camping. This is because camping gives you the opportunity to accomplish an array of fun and exciting activities all-at-once. However, when you are camping, you will be one with nature.

As a result, during one of those chilly fall and spring nights, you may feel uncomfortable in your tent if you don’t keep it warm. But how can you ensure that your tent stays warm and toasty throughout the night? Here are tips on how to heat a tent.

  •        Electric Fan Heaters

These heaters are designed to work as electric fans. Having an electric fan heater is a good way to heat up your tent in no time. This is also a very safe method of heating up your tent since there are no risks of fire. However, electric fan heaters will only be suitable for you if you are camping in an area that has access to electricity but not when dry camping.
Using electric fan heater is the best method to keep your tent warmed up because it is very easy to use. This is because you can use this appliance by just plugging it into your car’s electric car outlet so that it can blow some hot air into your tent.

  •        Oil Filled Radiators

These electrical appliances are great for heating your tent quietly without making your tent to feel stuffy. One advantage of using oil filled radiators to heat your tent is that your tent will still feel warm even after you turn off the radiator.

However, its main drawback is that it is not easily portable. This is because of its size and also takes a bit of time to get your tent heated up. You will also need to carry some oil with you to fuel it up. It will, therefore, cost you more effort and money to bring your oil filed radiator to your campsite.

  •        Electric Tent Heaters

Are you looking for the easiest and the most basic way to heat your tent? Well, the electric tent heater is the most popular choice. However, you must have access to electricity wherever you are camping at. Electric tent heaters are so popular because they are very portable and are also very easy to use. Setting them up is also very easy, as long as you have some electric hookups within your campsite.
Some electric tent heaters also come with extra features like timers and automatic-off switch. This will enable the heaters to switch themselves off once the temperature in your tent is optimum. This will enable you to sleep peacefully with your heater on throughout the night without you having to worry about switching it off.

  •          Halogen Heaters

These heaters will not only heat up your tent but will also double up as a nightlight. They are also very light so that you can hang them on your tent to keep them away from children and other potential hazards that may lead to accidents.

How Can You Heat Your Tent without Electricity?

There are times when you will go for camping in an area without access to electricity. So what can you do when it’s cold, and you want to heat up your tent? You have to find a way of heating your tent without using any electrical gadget. Below are some tips on how you can safely heat up your tent without using electricity.

  • Using Catalytic Heaters

These are small and lightweight heaters that can heat up your tent with ease. They are also very easy to carry around. Catalytic heaters work together with propane cylinders to heat your tent. This heater is very safe since it does not produce any fire. You won’t, therefore, have to worry about risks of fire accidents in your tent.

However, it is advisable that when you are using a catalytic heater, you should switch it off before you sleep. This is to prevent any items within your tent from melting due to excessive heat. Switching it off before you sleep will also prevent your tent from breaking due to the extreme temperature. It does not also produce any poisonous gas hence very safe.

  • Gas Heaters

They are similar to catalytic heaters. The only difference between them is that gas heaters use gas instead. However, I would not advise that you use gas heaters for heating your tent as it can be dangerous when left on. It may also emit carbon monoxide that may poison everyone in your tent. 
  • Using Insulated Pads

You can use them to warm up the floor of your tent. You will, therefore, feel very comfortable and well heated in your tent. The good thing about insulated pads is that you won’t need any batteries or electricity to make your tent warm.

In a Nutshell

If you want to enjoy your camping without being affected by the weather outside your tent, then it is important that you keep your tent warm and toasty throughout the night. Every camper should, therefore, know how to heat a tent.

The next time you want to go for camping, ensure that you choose a good tent warmer and carry it with you. You can choose the best tent warmer that will suit you.

There you have it on how to heat a tent. Let me know if you have any question in the comment section below. 

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