Monday, October 30, 2017

Best Truck Campers and Travel Trailers for Hunting

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Oregon is about to see the start of elk and deer season so hunters are preparing to go out on their hunting trips this fall. Rifle season will be here before you know it and this is the ideal time to prepare for the perfect hunting trip in an RV. More than likely, you will use campers or travel trailers for dry camping and as a result, you will want your RV equipped properly. For those of you who are not yet an owner of an RV for hunting, this article will provide recommendations so you can make the most out of any travel trailer or camper you use for hunting. This article will also help you with some camping tips but even if you aren't prepared to buy an RV, our rental page will help you to enjoy one to the full.

Dry Camping (Boon docking) RV Tips

A number of things should be considered if you are going to buy a hunting RV. For those who live in Oregon or in a similar Northern climate, an RV that is already ready for the cold weather is preferable. Some of those factors could include enclosed tanks and under bellies that are heated. As you know, the game is not always found near a campsite so you are going to need to go where the game is found. In order to do so, you may need to go off-road and will need a travel trailer or truck camper that is well suited, you may also need specific insurance for your camper RV. You might also want to check on your generator at this time as well. The generator tanks should be full and you should look at the run time.

A Look at the Top RVs for Hunting or Dry Camping

A truck camper is perhaps one of the best options for hunting from an RV. Your truck will be able to do all of the work when you go off-road and you will get further in the woods in comparison to pulling a trailer behind the truck. One issue to consider about a truck camper is their size. They tend to be rather small so if you tend to go out with friends and families, something bigger may need to be considered. The same is also true if you take your ATV or other toys with you. Here is a look at our favorite RVs to take hunting:

1. Northwood Artic Fox Truck Campers is an ideal choice because they have their home base in La Grande, Oregon. In other words, they know what is needed to make an RV for the weather up north. For those of you who live in the cold north and want an off-road RV, you can't go wrong with Northwood. They are the ideal hunting solution. The camper is made from aluminum, so it is durable and lightweight. They are a 4-season camper that is heated with enclosed valves and tanks. When you take a look at their floor plans, you will see that they can accommodate a family of four.

2. Since 1965, Lance Truck Campers has been producing some of the best truck campers for hunting. They even come with an optional 4-season package. You will love the floor plans they have available and they focus on quality and compatibility. Picking out a Lance RV is a pleasure because they help you to choose the one that is right for your needs. They are also known for their environmental stand, so you are limiting your carbon footprint when you choose one of their campers.

3. Being ready for the weather is possible with a Northwood Snow River Travel Trailer. In fact, the name says it all. They include a tough design and build so you can go off-road but they are also ready for the cold weather with enclosed tanks in heated areas. The certified chassis for the Absolute Northwood is made from high-grade steel and is well known for giving you a smooth ride. When you take it off-road, you won't need to worry about the terrain because it can handle the bumps well. In addition, these models include "backroad armor," so you will be further protected from exterior problems, such as branches and rocks.

4. If you want something that can double as an option for a family vacation or if you want to haul some toys, the Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler is a great choice. Not only does it include plenty of sleeping, there is a garage where you can hang your game when hunting. The Toy Hauler is perfect for those larger hunting parties and you can choose from many floor plans. There are even some plans that include enclosed tanks and furnaces.

5. Are you looking for a lightweight option to haul with a car? The Forest River Rockwood Folding Campers are ideal. They are well known for their pop-up camper floor plans that include everything needed to keep you warm when you are in after a long day out in the field. They are also easy to tow and maintain, so you can use them for that family camping trip in the summer as well.

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