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Mountain climbing in Nepal

Editors note: This guest post is about one of the most exciting, and dangerous, things you can do in the outdoors. Enjoy!

With more than 1600 identified peaks and hundreds of trekking trails, Nepal is probably world's first and foremost trekking destinations. A Large number of people across the globe visit this Himalayan nation just to experience hiking. Normally, people prefer to trek in Annapurna Region, Everest Region, Manaslu Region, Kangchenjunga Circuit and Upper Dolpo. Every trekking destination has its own uniqueness with typical cultural exposure.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

If you have a week in your hands and you enjoy the alpines, Annapurna base camp trek is a spectacular option that will win you bragging rights. You don’t need to have any prior experience to go on this excursion, but we do ask for caution as it is notorious for keeping some trekkers with it forever.

This trek will give the majestic views of Gangapurna, Annapurna I, Himchuli, and Annapurna South among other peaks.

The season to go on this trek starts from October, when the rain will have subsided. By November, the skies would have cleared and you will enjoy the sights of the aforementioned mountains, along with the mighty Machhapuchhre, the Fishtail, on this remarkable trek. November to April is the best time to plan this tour.

Expect golden sunrises and beautiful snowy tips to meet you in the mornings – a perfect omen to start the trekking of the day.

1.    Everest Base Camp Trek:

Mount Everest put Nepal on the map and has thousands of people trekking here every year. You can be one of them.

This is a sure adventure, one for which you need to prepare. You don’t need to be in shape, but prior preparation will help you. Of course, trekking to the camp would be an experience of its own, one that’s unimaginable. But you can be on the safe side by exercising and doing your bit of research on how to make the best of this trek without having any health problems.

It is a potpourri of phenomenal sceneries, local culture, and people there. You won’t literally be in the top of the world, but being over 5,300 m altitude will make you feel things that you can only feel when you’re here.

So even if you haven’t scaled the highest mountain in the world and that’s not in your plan, you can still say that you walked on its foundations.

2.    Manaslu Base Camp Trek:

If you manage to get here, then you will be few of those who have been lucky enough to see this place which is almost paradise. Currently, it is a place for ‘intrepid trekking’ as long as you have a crowd to walk with.

Manaslu base camp trek has much to offer – rich culture, vegetation, sceneries, and local life. There are many monasteries which are considered holy. It is blessed with rich flora and fauna. You will see pine forests that cover the area, bamboos, and of course, the classic rhododendron bunches that are very typical of such a beautiful setting. It is home to animals like Himalayan goral, black-lipped pika, lynx, and many other endangered animals.

The name ‘Manaslu’ is translated from the local language which means ‘mountain of the spirit’. It is also known by the name ‘Kutang’. Like its name, the trek will inspire the trekkers to feel the call of the mountain.

3.    Kanchanjunga Circuit Trek:

Kanchenjunga trek is not keen to welcome any trekkers into its alpine terrain, or so the trekkers will feel. It is well known for its rigorous and slippery slopes. While trekkers starting from Mitlung (921 m) might not feel that bad, they go over 5,000 m at Pangpema (5143 m) at about halfway through the journey.

But wait, your guide will help you with the acclimatization. And of course, the rhododendrons are beautiful. So are the azaleas. Every day, you will see things that you won’t be able to forget even if you want to. Though the path will challenge you, you will rewarded even more.

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is another treat waiting for the brave hearts who venture on this trek. Once you get the permit, you will step into the home of the beautiful animals saved from going extinct.

On your way, you will come across many villages and glimpse the life in Himalayas. You will definitely enjoy walking through the ‘five treasures of the snow’, which is what Kanchenjunga means in Tibetan.

4.    Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo has a sort of mysterious aura around it. Even for trekking, it is a difficult one. You need to be in a good health condition and mentally prepare yourself to face the steeps and edges and the tricky paths. With low oxygen level due to high altitude, you also need to carry antidotes with you.

As the area is closed off, you will have to manage the tents and food on your own. You will be on your own with your group for many days. So it’ll be wise to consider all these things. If you have trekked previously, then it might be a good thing if Upper Dolpo trek is on your list next.

Despite all this, it is a fulfilling trek, worth all that time and effort. The best time to visit it is around September to October or from March onwards to May.

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