Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hiking Boots vs Work Boots

Editors Note: Continuing with a long series of guest posts, here is one on boots!

For individuals who appreciate hiking, a standout amongst the most critical bits of hardware is their hiking boots. They are intended for the express reason that is hiking. Work boots are developed for a specific user and it is used mainly for different kinds of occupation such as construction, chemical plant, engineering, etc.

Although both work boots and hiking boots look similar but It’s very ideal to know the features that set a hiking boot apart from the shoes that you wear while working. Below are the key differences in hiking and work boots.


Work boots are usually accompanied with a steel toe or composite toe for an ultimate protection from falling objects. It is one of the most popular and trusted forms of safety foot wears. Also, some work boots are designed to be slip resistant because working with oil surfaces or wet and slippery outdoors can be dangerous.

There are a variety of steel toe work boots and choosing the best one that suits you requires some research and experience. An ideal work boot can keep you safe and make you feel more comfortable on your job.

Whereas in hiking you are dealing more with a rocky environment than a construction or chemical site where something heavy can fall on your feet. That’s why safety is not one of the key features of hiking boots.


Weight is the most important distinction in work boots vs hiking boots. There are increased hazards in working in a construction site that is why adding a significant weight in the work boots is sometimes a requirement.

However, hiking on a trail has a lot of dangers such as trips and abrasion that is why a lighter material for hiking boots is usually used. A lightweight hiking boot can in any case offer a lot of help and be a ton less demanding on the feet over less rough trails


Hiking boots have some degree of flexibility because these boots are developed to endure long distances. It is also engineered in that way to adapt to uneven ground. Also, lug soles are usually associated with hiking boots in order to increase stability and traction. On the other hand, work boots have a rubber outsole that can provide slip-resistance, but not as much as hiking boots can offer.

Comfort and safety are the most important features that you need to look for when choosing shoes. Whether it is for hiking or for your work, choosing a foot wear should ensure comfort when using while reducing foot fatigue. Besides fashion, you should also consider the function that these shoes can bring to you. Keeping your feet in good shape should be a top priority when finding the right shoes for you. Investing in good safety shoes can be really worth an investment because these shoes can bring a great impact on how you work in your workplace.

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