Friday, January 26, 2018

Care Tips for your Hunting Dog

 Make no mistake about it. It can be difficult to choose the right hunting dog for your needs. Prior to beginning the training process of your new dog, take the time to do a couple of important tasks. First of all, think about exactly what you want your dog to do and be. Then, you will be in a much better position to select the breeds you will research for further consideration.

Key Concerns

This is the most fundamental area of inquiry to make. You must do some thinking about what role a dog needs to play in your life. Are you planning to do hunting of upland bird species, waterfowl, perhaps both of these? Would a flushing, pointing or retrieving breed be best for your purposes? Do you expect your dog to live in your house, or are you planning to have an outdoor dog? What size dog do you prefer?


Hunting dogs need good nutrition and this means feeding them with the best food that you can find. Here is a list of the best dog food brands. Remember a hunting dog will be active, so the right levels of nutrition is important for wellbeing.

Due Diligence

Once you have determined the answers to the questions described above, the research process can really take hold. Now is the time to give substantial thought to your geography. It makes little sense to get a dog suited to one climate and terrain only to attempt to have him hunt in the opposite conditions. You must also take care to understand the distinctions in intellect, care requirements, disposition and the like of each breed. Discuss your options with colleagues in the hunting world, read online forums and take all possible steps to make a truly informed decision before you buy.

Selecting The Dog

One question many dog shoppers must think about is why they should get themselves a puppy instead of a seasoned hunter. The answer is that a puppy offers the opportunity to put your own training philosophy to work and not have to rely on what someone else may have taught the dog. Further, having a dog from its earliest days facilitates a true bond of loyalty and respect that makes this type of relationship work.

At the time of actually making the purchase, try to spend a while with the entire litter of dogs if you can, monitoring the dog's attitude and interactions with the others. Pay attention to which dog is likely to bond with you, and be sure to heed all advice from the breeder. The very best time to bring puppies home is anywhere between the 7- and 9-month age points.

Useful Dog Training Advice

There can be little doubt that each dog is different and needs a customized approach to training. The specific hunting purposes and breed characteristics will be highly determinative of the right road to take. However, there are some constants that apply to most hunting dogs.

Provided you are able to closely control a dog's environment and guide his or her behavior, there is no reason that the training process needs to be difficult or unpleasant. For instance, if your dog is meant to be a waterfowl retriever, make certain to get him or her comfortable with water from the earliest moment. You want to dog to associate water with fun, play and ultimately, praise.

Gradually introduce the dog to the surrounding world, beginning with his crate, moving to the rest of the house, then the yard, and eventually the hunting ground. Teaching simple sit and stay commands should come first, as these are the stepping stones for more detailed commands needed for hunting. Do not become frustrated if the dog does not initially respond, simply remember that you must get in the habit of triggering the desired response and reinforcing who is in control.

Let your dog spend time with other humans and dogs in a social way, but continue to practice hunting commands as well. Daily work will ensure that the relationship is effective as soon as possible.

Provide the dog with exposure to decoys as well as the unique scents of the species you plan to hunt. Dummies featuring these distinct smells will help teach the dog to recognize a true prey animal when one is encountered.

Practical exposure to hunting conditions at an early age will ensure that the dog is prepared for actual adventures in the field. This includes having the dog around guns and the noises they make.

Remember that positive reinforcement of good behavior is very effective, but it must not be excessive in nature. The point is to hone a dog's natural, breed-specific instincts.

Clearly, the road to owning a truly helpful and loyal hunting dog starts well before many might expect. By preparing in advance of the purchase itself and following some useful tips on training and bonding, a savvy hunter really can succeed in developing the strong relationship everyone seeks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Who they are.

MASP Industries is a custom gun manufacturer based in Lincoln, NE They  set themselves apart from others by their core values to provide the best quality protection to those they care about most, their community. Whether that be next door or 4,000 miles away. Since 2013 they offer the highest quality products and professional services to their customers. Exceeding in these areas allows them meet their last core goal of a philanthropy oriented business model.

 The Mission

With your help, MASP Industries is honored to offer the opportunity to give back to those public servant’s families who have payed the ultimate price for our safety. MASP is producing a limited edition, limited run, custom designed “Fallen Series Thin Blue Line Glocks”. They will be giving 100% of the proceeds back to help support these hero's families. Only a very limited number of 500 are being manufactured, and when the 500 orders are reached, production will cease.

They are so excited to finally release this, and for YOU to be one of the lucky few to get your hands on this custom Limited Time Run  “Fallen Series” Thin Blue Line Glock 17.

This project represents everything they  at MASP do everyday. First, they are offering the absolute highest quality firearm that has come to be expected from MASP Industries. Second, it meets their ultimate goal of putting protection into the hands of those they care about around them, their community. Lastly, it reinforces their core value of giving and philanthropy, by all proceeds from the project going back to  grade-A non-profit charities that have aligning core values of protecting, providing, and giving.

This Limited Time Run Fallen Series Glock 17 will include:

-Decked out custom Cerakote and Engraved Designs

-Your choice of Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock 17

- “1 of 500” Serial Number Engraving

-Custom Molded Thin Blue Line Pelican Case

-Certificate of Authenticity with Custom Serial Number

-MASP Industries' Premium Glock Upgrade Package (See Link!)
This project has been critiqued and designed at even the smallest detail to ensure it is the highest quality product they can give you for the best price.


When you purchase your Thin Blue Line Glock, MASPS gives you the opportunity to add an additional donation on top of ALL the proceeds going to charity. If you donate $100 or more you will automatically be entered into a rifle give away for one of MASP's MVP-15's ($1,300 value!)


Step up and be a hero to the families that have been effected by the loss of an officer.  Only 500 are being made, so do not hesitate on this purchase. Now is the time. Click the link, Purchase with Purpose, Support Fallen Officers Families.

Feel free to direct any questions to

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