Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Verispellis Skis

Occasionally I accept a sponsored post to help support this blog. I am always careful to make sure it is a product or service that I find exciting and I believe will be helpful. I turn down dozens of sponsored posts for every one I accept. That being said, I was recently approached by Verispellis Skis. They wanted me to write a post about their new skis and the Kickstarter they are running right now.

I love technology, but only when it actually has a function. I don’t understand why everything needs a touch screen or a battery. However, when someone figures out how to add technology to a simple object, and make it better, I get excited. The technology that they have put in Verispellis Skis is not only supper cool; it actually performs a valuable function.

I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about what these skis are and what they do.

 Verispellis Skis ( allow you to change the stiffness of your skis, on the fly, from your smartphone. Now it does not do this via some complex mechanism or easy to break system. It uses (get this!) a shape shifting metal called Nitinol! How cool is that! It sounds like something out of science fiction!

Nitinol is an alloy that changes its material properties with changes in the temperature. At normal, cool temperatures, it is flexible. This would be the standard ski stiffness defined primarily by regular skis made out of wood or fiberglass. When warmed up, the skis become stiffer. You can adjust this stiffness to your preference.

Now, if you are skiing and the environment changes you can adjust accordingly, instead of struggling. It is like having several sets of skis, all wrapped into one!

So, how does the nitinol get warmed up? Good question, with a super simple answer. Built into the skis is a battery. When you want your skis to be stiffer, the battery heats up an element. This element heats up the Nitinol. Not only is this simple, and sturdy (no moving parts to break!) it allows for a ton of customization!

Want just the shovel or the tail stiffened? You can direct heat to just those areas, making only them stiff. The possibilities for customization are endless.

The only question left is how do you adjust them? And no! They don’t have a touch screen, but you will use one! You control all these functions from a smart phone app via Bluetooth. This is a proven and reliable technology. From your smartphone, you can make custom adjustments, or set it to let the app select the stiffness based on the conditions and your style.

Right now, you can find out more and order these skis from their Kickstarter.

For those of you who might not know, Kickstarter is a site that allows entrepreneurs to raise money for their projects via crowd funding. Think of crowdfunding as micro investments via regular people like you or me. As a reward for your investment, the entrepreneur gives you something, usually the product, when their idea comes to fruition. Like all investments, there is the potential for loss. However, I have backed many Kickstarter products and have always been rewarded. In fact, I have run a successful Kickstarter campaign myself. It is a great way to get in on new stuff before anyone else has the chance.

I highly recommend checking out these skis! If nothing else, their technology is impressive. It would not surprise me if they become the standard for skis in the future!

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