Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reef Fishing in Key West

There's nothing like fishing the reefs in Key West. With an expert guide to help fill up your box, you and your party will have the time of your lives There are many different methods for great deep sea fishing down in Key West, but nothing offers more thrill-a-minute action than fishing its many reef areas. There's no shortage of opportunities for reef adventures in the Keys either. The second largest barrier reef in the world stretches out just a few miles south of Key West, and a bountiful inner reef that's even closer. But don't be mistaken-- reef fishing is great no matter how much experience you have, but there's actually a lot that goes into it, especially if you want to do it right. That means you'll need to know what bait works best in the different reef areas, the best locations, as well as how to track the differences that mark each part of the year. In other words, you'll need a great local guide. In short, the total reef area around Key West is absolutely huge. But don't worry-- you won't have to wander the reefs alone. With the right guide, you'll be able to find the right spots for just the reef fishing experience you're looking for.

Reef Fishing with Too Lethal Charters

One of the best guides to reef fishing in Key West is Captain Scott Gordon with Too Lethal Charters. From his dock on the Key West Bight, Captain Gordon takes parties from all over the world on full day reef adventures. Depending on exactly what species you want to target, he'll use the finest boats and equipment in the industry to help you land them. Captain Gordon is not just an excellent guide; he's also a willing teacher. That means you'll learn a lot for next time even as you're filling up your box with an amazing variety of fish. Speaking of the variety of fish, the Key West reefs offer an incredible diversity of species. The sturdy structure of the reefs makes for ample hiding places and great protection, so you're sure to be able to target just the fish you want. There are abundant spots for reef fishing on both the Atlantic and the Gulf sides of Key West. This means a staggering number of different table and sport fish. Depending on where you end up on the reefs, you'll find species as diverse as African Pompano, snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, and wahoo among others.

Memorable Thrills With Captain Pepe Gonzalez

The other top Key West reef fishing guide is Captain Pepe Gonzalez with Seize The Day Charters. With his combination of experience, energy, and innate fishing talent, Captain Pepe has a well-earned reputation for putting parties onto some of the best reef fishing in the world. Once you have access to a knowledge base like Captain Pepe has, you'll be set and ready to go. Just imagine a day spent landing sailfish, grouper, mackerel, and the many jack species.  Yep, reef fishing has it all. As you can see, reef fishing is where it's at for anglers of many different levels of experience. It'll take know-how, abundant local knowledge, and the right equipment, but Captain Gordon and Captain Pepe have all this in droves. And once all this is in place, there's no ceiling to the fun you'll have fishing the reefs.

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