Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Camp Recipe - Easy Spaghetti

Camp Recipes need to be easy and there is nothing eaisier than this spaghetti!

At home, before you leave camping, brown some hamburger and combine it with a can of spaghetti sauce. Pour the sauce and hamburger into a freezer bag and squeeze out the air. Put this bag of sauce into another bag, this will help keep it from leaking later. Place everything in your freezer. When you are packing your cooler, place the frozen sauce in with the ice. Not only will this keep it from spoiling, it will keep your other food cold longer.

At the campsite, bring a large pot of water to a boil. It is best to do this over a camp fire, this next step can take a while depending on how frozen the sauce is. Place the frozen bag of sauce into the boiling water. Take it out after it has heated through. You can then use the water in the pot to cook your noodles!

Not only is this easy, there is little clean up!

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