Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review - Big Game Magna-Lift

I've been out deer hunting for the last few days. Although I have not taken a shot, I have seen some amazing bucks and been able to try out some of my new gear. Over the next few days I will be do some reviews for a few products that you may like and a couple you may want to avoid. The Big Game Magna-Lift is one that you may like, I know I do!

There are only a few hunting accessories that I call necessary. Items that if I lost today I would replace tomorrow. My GPS, range finder, Thermocell, and crossbow cocking rope (which I lost today in a marsh, grrr...) are on this short list. The Big Game Magna-Lift was added to my must-have list this week.

Basically, the Magna-Lift is a tree stand rope. It is used to bring your gear up to your stand after you have ascended into it. You can find it online for about $15. A tree stand rope is necessary for safety reasons. You should never carry your weapon as you climb your stand. You should tie a rope to it and pull it up after you. The problem with this, and a reason people do not do this, is that tree stand ropes get tangled and caught on brush or limbs. This can be very frustrating, especially in the dark when you are trying to be quiet.

The Magna-Lift solves this problem by automatically retracting the rope inside a housing. This means there is no slack to get tangled or caught on something. You don't have to coil and stow your rope. Once you bring up your weapon you are done. It works flawlessly.

That's about all there is to it. It does one thing very, very well. It can clip to your belt, backpack, or stand frame. It is heaver than just a coil of rope, but the convenience it provides is worth a few ounces. I highly recommend it and will personally be using it from now on.

I purchased the Big Game Magna-Lift with my own money for my own personal use. I have received no compensation at all for writing this review. I do get a very small commission if you purchase one from the links below.

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