Friday, October 28, 2011

Review - Flex Loader

I went on my first black powder hunt today. It was a tough hunt. I had to lug my 30 pound stand through a marsh, over dozens of down trees about half a mile to where I wanted to hunt. Unfortunately, the effort was fruitless. I didn't see anything.

I was good to get out with my rifle. I absolutely love my muzzleloader, a Thompson Center Impact. It is the most accurate rifle I own, giving me one hole groups at 100 yards. Black powder hunting is so fun! I love all of the little tools you need to bring along. It feeds right into my love of gadgets. Of all my muzzleloading gadgets the Flex Loader is my favorite.

The Flex Loader is made by Thompson Center, although I should point out that all major muzzleloader manufacturers have their own version. They all perform about the same. It is a speed loader that holds three shots and four primers. The tubes are designed to hold three pellets and a bullet, but can be cut down if, like me, you only use two. The tubes are held in a soft rubber housing that has a lanyard hole. I tie it to my belt and have never had a tube come out, even in the thickest brush. I don't think it would work well with powder, but I've never tried.

This speed loader is not the best on on the market because it holds three rounds, or because it keeps primers handy (although those things are great). It is the best for one very simple design reason, the tubes only open on one end.

Traditional speed loaders open from either end. Do not ask me why. You have to remember, or look to see, which end holds the bullet and which end holds the pellets. I cannot tell you how many times, in the excitement of the hunt, I popped open the wrong end of one of the traditional speed loaders and loaded the bullet into my gun backwards. Of course, I never rammed the bullet down backwards, but it always got stuck in the barrel. This requires me to remove the breech plug and push it out with my ramrod. Very frustrating, especially when trying to make a follow up shot on a deer.

I HATE these

The above scenario cannot happen with the Flex Loader.

Everyone who has a muzzleloader and uses pellets should own and use a flex loader.

I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the item with my own money. I do get a small commission if you purchase something from the links below.


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