Monday, October 26, 2015

So, what happened?

You may have wondered why this blog died. Probably not, but I bet you are now!

The Unlucky Hunter's untimely death was a brought about by a series of dastardly events! Dramatic? Yes. True? Kind of.

It all started with a string of bad luck in the fishing and hunting department. I didn't kill a dear one winter and I didn't catch any big fish. I didn't have anything worthy of a blog post to write about, so why write?

Also, I started this blog with the hopes of creating a second income stream. Well, for all you aspiring blog authors out there, this is not realistic. I got good numbers. Posts went viral. I even had some stuff published in real life, print magazines. I felt successful. However, I could never make money. On my best months I made $100. Most months I lost money. Not much payout for the 40 or so hours of work I was putting into it every month.

So I was in a slump. I fully intended to get back to it eventually, but then my job changed. Where before I could do research and even write rough drafts at work, I no longer had the time.

My wife went back to school to get her doctorate, so now I am the primary caretaker of my kids and house. Which means no time at home either.

Then the disaster struck. I broke my right hand. Well, middle finger technically. It was not a bad break, but it was in a bad place. Right through the joint. Three months of healing and physical therapy completely wiped out my prime fishing and hunting seasons.

And there is permanent damage. I can't do anything that causes a whiplash like throw a frisbee or baseball without stupid amounts of pain. Guess what else causes a whiplash? Casting a rod.

I can do still fishing where you cast once every 30 minutes. But repeated casting of a lure.....not yet, and its been well over a year.

Plus I have early onset arthritis. I'm feeling it now as I type.

So basically, I have not been hunting or fishing in over a year.

In the mean time I have been pursuing other interests. I got a 3D printer which is fun. I make all sorts of inventions. I also have been working on my photography. Specifically black and white portraiture in natural light. I know, it sounds terribly pretentious and artsy fartsy. Here are a couple of my most recent photos:

You can follow my instagram at @timborkert

Since it does not fit the theme of this blog, I have not made a big deal of it, but I am into the fine arts. I go to art museums a couple times a month and dabble in several mediums. Poorly, mind you, but I still have fun. It is something I can do with my kids that does not require strenuous use of my hand.

So anyway, that is the long version of why I let this blog die. Will I ever pick it up again? Maybe. Just writing this post makes me miss it. My wife works in a medical field. When she gets her doctorate her income should allow me to retire or at least semi retire. Being retired before I turn 40 is very appealing and should allow me the time I need to do the things I've been wanting too. Hopefully, by then my hand will have healed by then.

Until then, goodbye and good luck!

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