Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review - Remington Blood Tracker

A while ago I was sent a Remington Blood Tracker to review. Whoever sent it to me wanted me to post a honest review of it on the Walmart web site, not necessarily on this blog. Since I actually like the light,  I figured that I might as well post a review here as well.

The Remington Blood Tracker is a blood light. There is some confusion on what a blood light does. They are only useful in a few very specific circumstances. A blood light sends out a light wave similar to a black light. You have seen how a black light will make some colors "glow" and other fade? That is what a blood light does with the color red. When it works, it is amazing. I have found that they work best on fresh, bright red blood. Dark blood, like from the liver, or dried blood does not show up. Also, and this should be obvious, they only work at night.

If you live in an area that has trees that drop red leaves, this light is less effective. Every red leaf looks like blood! Blood lights work best in conjunction with a regular white light. Scan the area with one then the other. Blood lights quickly show fresh red blood, but actually hide dark or dried blood.

One interesting thing I discovered while using this in my back yard. It makes fresh dog and deer poop glow.  I about had a heart attack when my dog pooped and it looked like blood under the light. A quick scan with a while light showed that it was just normal brown dog crap.

The Remington Blood Tracker is a great little light. It is very, very well made. It will take a beating. For its torture test I gave it to my two year old to play with for a week. She loves flash lights, but often destroys them. It came back to me with barely a scratch.

The battery life on it is very good. With high quality batteries I got over 20 hours of life from it. The red beam is quite dim. This is perfect for using in a blind or in woods you know well, but do not count on it to navigate a new area. It is strong enough to see the imediate area, but not spook game. Keep in mind that red light hides blood. Blood is basically invisible under the red light.

The blood tracker light works as well as more expensive blood tracker lights. It illuminates bright blood, like that from a lung shot, very well. I personally would have preferred all six LED's to be blood tracker and just forgo the red light.

The belt sheath it comes with is very poorly made. I would not trust it. The first time it gets caught in brush I beleve it will rip. This is becoming the norm with flashlights. I wish companies would make a slightly better sheath for thier products. I would pay a few extera dollars for a nice sheath.

If you want a blood light, this is the one to buy! It is less than $15, so why not?

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