About Tim Borkert

One of the best days of my life was my tenth birthday. My family lived outside of a small town named Ripley, TN. We never did big birthdays at my house, just the family. We would have cake and presents after dinner. That evening I was given the best gift in my life. A BB gun! If I remember correctly it was a Crossman 2100, although that was a long time ago.

That BB gun started a lifelong passion for guns and all things hunting. Two years later I was given a Daisy .22 long rifle. That summer I got a job working on a tomato farm and saved up all my money to buy a Sears 20 gauge single shot shotgun. I took hunters safety and went on my first hunt.

That first season was the best of my life. My first hunt was a dove hunt. That day I killed eight doves. I shot a deer the first time out. It was a 300 yard shot. I missed the heart/lung area by almost two feet, hitting the deer in the spine at the base of its head.

Two years later my family moved to Pendleton, Oregon. The area is a holy ground for hunters. During the hunting season I spent almost every day after school in the field. Pheasant, Quail, Ducks, Geese, Deer, Elk, and anything else with a season was in my sites. It was a wonderful time.

College was a dry time in the hunting department. Guns were not allowed on campus and I simply did not have time. While I was in college my family moved to Portsmouth, VA. After I graduated I moved to where my family was, which is where I currently reside. Unfortunately, at that point in my life I did not have the time or funds to support hunting. Also, there are not many hunting opportunities here.

After I got married my financial situation improved, but, now that I have my own family, I still don't have much time. I started hunting again during the 2010 season. I killed one dove and one squirrel. I have a lot of experience to draw on, but had lost most of my skills.

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It was then that I began this blog, hoping to chronicle my jouney to becoming an outdoorsman. The Unlucky Hunter has been a bigger success than I imagined. Several hundred people read this blog every day. I have been published in print several times, a few times I was even paid for my work. My greatest satisfaction comes from emails from people, especially kids, who I have helped become successful in the outdoors.

Over the past few years my skills slowly returned. I have successfully hunted a number of deer and many other species. I have taken up kayak fishing and it has become a passion. I caught more fish in 2012 from my kayak than in the previous 10 years combined.

To my surprise I have become an authority on cooking wild game, with my recipes being published (and sometimes stolen) all over the web. About 30% of The Unlucky Hunters traffic is directed towards my recipes. You should check them out!

While I have experienced success, I still learn something every time I go out. When I can I like to share some of this knowledge.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and maybe learn a little along with me.

You can contact me at timborkert@gmail.com

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