Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit To The Virginia Living Musem

This past Saturday I took my daughters to the Virginia Living Museum. We have a membership and go often in the winter and in the hottest times of the summer. All of the plants and animals there are native to Virginia. They have some amazing aquariums and keep almost all of Virginia's legal game animals. It is one of the few museums that will entertain a two year old and an adult equally. If you are ever in the Tidewater area I recommend you visit it.

Every time I go I get fired up to go hunting. Visiting a place that has caged game animals can actually be beneficial to your hunting. It lets you visualize kill zones on actual animals in a controlled environment. It helps you judge ranges in the field. Bring your range finder. Range an animal at 30 yards and you will have a better idea what it will look like at 30 yards in the field. For beginning hunters, viewing captive species can help identify them in the wild. You can even learn some about their behavior.

For instance, the coyote they have had dug a hole and was laying in it to keep cool. I didn't know they did that. When my daughter, who was wearing leopard print, ran by its enclosure the coyote got up and followed her. I'm sure he was hungry and willing to chase prey in the heat of the day.

I was able to take a few pics of the "game". I only had my IPhone, so no zoom. Enjoy!

A doe and tom

Coyote in its hole

Grey Fox

Red Wolves, not huntable. There are only 300 of these left. A very rare animal.

Red fox
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