Thursday, February 2, 2012

Name The Animal That Did This

Here is a mystery. I was going on one last squirrel hunt of my season and found this in the middle of the woods:

A tree with a three inch diameter trunk was chewed on. The chewing started about four feet up the trunk and was about two feet long. The bark and some of the wood was eaten. I say eaten because there were no wood chips around the base of the tree. The bite marks were about half an inch long and a quarter inch wide. The tree was a hard wood, but I forgot to note exactly what type.

The forest I found it in is in Virginia, about an hour east of Richmond. I cannot think of any animals in this area that would do this. I was not near water and beavers usually chew from the base of a tree. I searched an area about a hundred yards in each direction and could not find another tree with these chew marks on it. If I was out west I would guess a porcupine, but as far as I know they are not in this area.

OK all you great outdorsmen, what did this? I know there are some biologists who read this blog. Do any of you know what animal this is?

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