Thursday, July 14, 2011

Essential Gear - Rocky Insulated Shooter's Gloves

I've been gathering hunting gear for next season. One of the things I am constantly looking for is a nice pair of gloves that fit. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect gear. I look for the following in gloves:
Today I found a pair that have at least three of these requirements, possibly four. The Rocky Insulated Shooter's Gloves that I purchased from the Sportsman's Guide are pretty nice.

My hands are small, but they are wide. I'm not below buying women's gloves, but the fingers are too skinny for my hands. Usually, normal gloves fit my palm, but the fingers are an inch to long. These shooting gloves fit perfectly. They are very comfortable.

When hunting, being able to work with small things like shells and triggers is very important. I need to be able load my gun quickly without fumbling. I also want to be able to feel the weight of my trigger. Some of the gloves I've used in the past made it difficult to put my finger in the guard. Pulling the trigger was muddy at best, at worst dangerous. These gloves make dexterous tasks easy. I can actually write with them on. The trigger finger is fully surrounded by leather, allowing me to feel the entire weight of the trigger.

It is summer, so I cannot judge how warm they will keep me. They feel about medium weight. The Rocky's are lined with polyester, which should wick away sweat. I don't think they will hold up well to sub freezing temperatures and it feels like wind will cut through them. There is a very nice wrist strap that will keep snow and cold out. Time will tell.

Hunting gloves need to be camo. It's a no brainer. We move our hands a lot. Wildlife live their lives looking for movement. Without camo my hands will be picked up fast. These gloves are camo, so no problems there.

I haven't done a field test yet, but so far I am very pleased. I paid $13.47 for them. So, if they don't work, no big deal.

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