Saturday, July 9, 2011

A hunters first aid kit

This week at work I sent an old school bus to be scrapped. Before it went to school bus heaven, I walked through it and found an old first aid kit. It was under a back seat. Some of items in it had expired in 2002. The box was rusty and ugly.
It looked something like this. Actually, it looked exactly like this. This is it.
I decided to fix it up and turn it into my truck first aid kit. The first thing it needed was a new paint job. I scraped off all the loose paint and gave it a coat of automotive paint. Then I made a stencil out of a piece of card stock and painted the words "first aid" on the front.

After the make over. The homemade stencil sucked.
My wife is a nurse, so I had her go through my first aid stuff and let me know what I needed and what I didn't. My goal with this kit is to keep me in the field when I have minor health problems and to keep me alive until help comes if I get hurt bad. This is what made the cut:
I also have some non-medical emergency things tucked in it. Including:
  • Poncho - useful for lots of things besides keeping you dry
  • Toilet paper - never get stuck in the swamp without TP
  • Vienna Sausages - sometimes a little food is the difference between staying till dusk or going home early
  • Solar blanket - can save your life

All tucked neatly in my little, poorly stenciled box
 I also keep a small kit on my person when I go out. I keep it vacuum packed so everything is waterproof and small. It contains:

The vacuum packing was one of my best ideas. Vacuum packed Toilet Paper works great too!
 I'm probably not as prepared as I think I am, but I feel like I have the necessities. One thing every kit needs, that most don't have, is a tourniquet. Get one and learn how to use it!

What do you keep in your first aid kit? What did I leave out?
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