Friday, July 8, 2011

First shipment of ammo for the new season - Winchester Silvertips!

I received my first shipment of ammo for next season today. I typically buy all the ammo I think I will need at one time. This shipment contained muzzle loader sabots, buckshot, and .308 rounds. I get very excited about ammo. After I get a new box I take each round out and inspect it. Then I line each round up in nice little rows and admire them. I have been doing this since I was 10. It is childish, but considering how little time I get to spend shooting my guns, I try to get as much enjoyment as possible preparing to shoot them.

The rounds I am most excited about are the .308 rounds. I got two boxes of Winchester 168 Gr. Supreme Ballistic Silvertips.  They are very pretty. And expensive. More expensive than pretty. I spent 33.51 a box, which is a fairly good deal. They were purchased from the Sportsman's Guide with a free shipping coupon. I chose this round for various reasons.

Very shinny

I am using an outfitter in December for a doe management hunt. It will be my best chance for a deer this year. It will also be the most expensive hunt this year. I have decided to try an outfitter close to my home to see if it is worth the money. A doe management hunt was much less expensive that a regular hunt, so that is why I when that rout. This outfitter is in an area that allows center fire rifles, so I will be using my trusty .308. Since this is my best and possibly only chance at a deer I want the best of everything. Considering I have so few chances at game, I think it is foolish to buy anything but the best ammo available (within reason). Silvertips are good rounds.

Haven't taken this bad boy out in the field in about 18 years.

I know that there are other equally good rounds in the same or even less expensive price point. Another reason I chose the Silvertips is nostalgia. When I was a boy my hunting buddy was a very old guy named Bud May. Bud was OLD I believe he was in his 80's when I was a teenager. He fought in the war, killing, according to him, hundreds of the Japanese. He drank 12 cups of coffee a day, always had a toy poodle in his arms, and always drove with one blinker on. A really neat guy. He hunted with an old 30-30 and used Winchester Silvertips. Now these Silvertips were totally different than modern ones. These were the originals. I believe the ammo he used was much older than I was. He claimed they were tipped with real silver. Every time I see the Silvertip brand I think of him.
The original Silvertips. Good for Werewolves, Vampires, and Whitetails.  
The modern Silvertip rounds are quite state of the art. The bullet itself is made of four parts. A Polycarbonate tip, black oxide coating, copper jacket with solid base, and a lead alloy core. From what I have read they deliver quite a punch with solid expansion and good penetration. The Winchester ballistic app for my IPhone says that with a 200 yard zero it will hit 2 inches high at 100 yards and 8 inches low at 300 yards. Looks good on paper. I can't wait to see what it looks like on the target paper.
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