Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review - World Knives LTD.

Recently I purchased an Iisakki Järvenpää Oy hunting knife from World Knives LTD. I purchased the knife through this retailer because they carry a great selection of very hard to find knives. I thought that if they are reputable, they would be a great resource for my readers. When I placed my order I told them that I would be doing a review of their store. Here it is:

World Knifes has a great website with many, many hand made knives that simply cannot easily be found in the United States. Their selection is great. Prices on their site seem about average. You can find the things they sell for less, but most of their items are below MSRP. Shipping rates are reasonable.

I made my purchase without any problems and received the knife within a reasonable amount of time. The shipping was not what I would call super fast, but I am probably spoiled by's amazing shipping times. Normally this is where the review would happily end. However, this is where I began to run into problems.

They shipped me the wrong knife. Actually, they shipped me the wrong version of the knife I wanted. I ordered a knife with a carbon steel blade, they shipped me one with a stainless steel blade. Not a big deal to most people, but I chose the knife based on the carbon steel blade. I simply prefer carbon steel. I sent a quick email to customer service asking if the manufacturer changed the specs of the knife or if the description on their site was wrong, expecting a reply the next day. I was pleasantly surprised to have my email very politely answered within the hour. All of the communication from this company was very kind, patient, and polite.

They said they would look into it and get back with me. Eventually they figured out that the manufacturer mixed the two knifes together in a shipment. This took a week. While they did a great job of keeping me informed with almost daily emails, the company seems disorganized. It shouldn't have taken than long. But wait, we are not done yet!

They sent me a UPS label to ship the knife back to them for free. I was to have the correct knife sent to me after it arrived. The UPS label came with a tracking number, which I saved. The process of getting the label and shipping the knife back took another week. Twelve days after the original knife was delivered to the company I had not yet received my replacement knife, so I sent email inquiring about it. Apparently, someone dropped the ball. I had been forgotten about. It took three days to figure out what happened and then my new knife was in the mail. It was delivered exactly one month from the day I ordered it.

Through it all the customer service reps were very nice and I did eventually get the knife I ordered. However, niceness does not compensate for incompetence. World Knives is a real company, they are not trying to scam people. You will get the knife you order from them, eventually. I, unfortunately, cannot recommend them. The Internet is a big place and there are better sites to order a knife from.

I hate giving a bad review, but I told them I would be reviewing them and they still messed up. You, my readers, deserve to know my experiences with them.

Edit: I just received a very nasty note from someone regarding this review. I don't know how they think saying bad things about me will help their cause. I can't be sure it was someone from this company, but the way they vehemently disagreed with this review and the knowledge they seemed to have of this business make me suspect it was. I think I was more than fair, kind even, in my review. I stand by it. Any case, doubly beware buying from them. If you share a bad experience, you may get verbally attacked!

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