Friday, January 13, 2012

Review - Ka-Bar Little Finn Field Knife

Some knives you pick up and just don't want to put down. They are so beautiful you just want to put them in your collection, but so rugged and practical they beg to be used. When you show it to your friends they cannot help but smile. The Ka-Bar Little Finn is one of those knives.

 The Ka-Bar Little Finn is a field knife. It is a classic design from back in the early 1900's. When I showed it to my dad he remarked that he had one just like it when he was younger. It is designed for general outdoor work. It meets the needs of garden and camp chores, cleaning small animals, cooking, and survival situations.

Before we get too far into the review, here are the specs:

Weight0.10 lb.Butt Cap/GuardBrass
SteelDIN 1.4116 Stainless SteelBlade Thickness0.094
MeasurementsBlade length 3-5/8"; Overall length 7"

Edge Angles20 Degrees

ShapeStraight Point


Handle MaterialLeather


There are a lot of things to like here. It is light weight, yet has a substantial enough blade thickness to do heavy work. It's small blade size makes it maneuverable and the straight point gives it a large work area.

I like the hollow grind and the 20 degree edge angle. This steep of an edge angle means it is designed to heavy work. A shallow edge angle makes a very sharp knife, but it also dulls faster. A steep angle cannot be as sharp, but lasts longer. I like a 17 degree angle on my knives, but since this is a work knife, the 20 degree angle is a good choice.

The leather sheath is top quality. A generous belt loop accommodates wide belts. Sheaths are becoming overlooked with modern knives. It is nice to see a company that still includes good ones. I would have preferred the snap to be at the hilt instead of the butt.

Ka-Bar is known for making high quality, nearly indestructible knives. The Little Finn is no different. The fit and finish of this knife are on par with knives five times its cost. It is hard to find a problem with it's finish. The steel used is highly stain resistant. It has a steel similar to the steel used in Buck knives, but only tempered a little softer. This makes it slightly more springy and easy to sharpen, but dull faster. Those of you who read my knife reviews know I prefer carbon steel to stainless. However, this knife is so elegant, stainless steel is the logical choice.

The Ka-Bar Little Finn is small. If you have big hands then you may want to look for something more substantial. I personally think it is perfect. It retails for $36.40, but you can find it for less. My only complaint is that is came out if the box fairly dull. It sharpened up very quickly, but I like it when knives come out of the box razor sharp. 

Do you like the Ka-Bar Little Fin? If you do be sure you enter my contest to win one! Yes, I am giving away the knife I reviewed here. Good luck!

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