Monday, January 16, 2012

Tinder Rundown

Here is a quick post comparing each of the tenders we have looked at, plus a few others.

Tinder Flammability Waterproof? Messy? Windproof? Burn time
Dryer Lint Wafers Low High Low Moderate 8 -10 Min
Petrolium Jellied Cotton Balls Very High Low High Moderate 4 - 6 Min
Char Cloth Very High Very Low Moderate Very High 1 -2 Min (depending on its size)
Candle Moderate Very High Low Low 1 Hour or more
Fatwood Stick High Moderate Low High 1 Min Shredded / 10 Min Whole
Trioxane Very High Moderate Moderate High 10 - 12 Min
Alcahol pad Very High High (if sealed) Low Moderate 1 Min
Hand Sanitizer Very High High (if sealed) Moderate Moderate 2 -3 Min
Hand Sanitizer soaked Cottonball Very High Very Low High Moderate 4 -6 Min
Dead Grass High Low Moderate High 1 Min
Birch Bark Moderate Moderate Low Moderate 2 Min
Cedar Bark Low Low Moderate Moderate 2 Min
Pine Pitch Moderate High Low (if hardened)
High (if liquid)
Moderate 6 -8 Min

These are all according to my tests. In my tests the Fatwood, Trioxane, and Dead Grass were the  winners. The Fatwood and Trioxane would light with a spark, were moderately waterproof, and burned for a long time. Dead grass is easy to find, lights with a spark, and burns well.

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