Monday, June 4, 2012

A First Kayak and A New Adventure Pt 2

I took my new kayak out fishing.

I had never been in a kayak before. So, I went online and watched a few videos on launching and paddling. It looked easy enough. My Dad was convinced that I was going to tip over at least a dozen times. He based this prediction on an old canvas kayak that he found and fixed up as a kid. Apparently no one could keep it from flipping.

Sightly torn by my Dads prediction of doom and how seemingly easy it looked online, I prepared to get wet. For this reason I did not bring my nice camera with me. I only brought my supper crappy action camera. It crapped out on me after 9 minutes 29 seconds. So, sadly, no awesome pictures this time.

One of the few pictures I got before my camera crapped out.
I went to a local lake that I know well. It had been mostly drained about three years ago when its dam broke. The city had recently reopened it and apparently restocked it. The lake has a great, shallow ramp  and is never busy. It was a perfect place to learn how to kayak.

Getting in was easy. I did it exactly how the Internet told me to. Once in, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I was! It was not tippy at all. The Internet wins again!

I had originally planned to spend most of my time getting used to the kayak and learning how to paddle. This was not necessary. I took to it like a duck to water.

Two seconds before the camera died.
Instead, I paddled over to my favorite fishing area on this lake. It is a shallow area with tons of stumps. I could never navigate it in my Jon boat, but it was easy with the kayak. I had my ultralight rod with 4 pound test with me. I was hoping for some crappie action. The 1 1/2" white grub didn't attract any crappie, but it sure excited the bass!

I slew the large mouth bass. It was easily the best day of bass fishing I have ever had. Almost every cast had a strike. I lost track of the 1 and 2 pound bass I landed! I know I could have limited out three times over had I chosen to keep any. I would have loved to had my good camera......

Usually, I fish for three hours and then get bored and tired. This day I truly did not want to go home.   I am hooked on kayak fishing!

Packed up and ready to go home. I love how it only takes 1 min to load and unload!
There are a few things I need to work on:

  1.  I need to add a rod holder or two.
  2.  I need to add some storage to the back of my kayak. It is too difficult to store stuff in the front. 
  3.  Landing fish in a kayak is a challenge. They were always just out of reach. Not sure what to do about this.
  4. Pictures. This is too fun not to record. I need to purchase a good, waterproof camera.
All in all I am very excited about my kayak and very pleased with how easy it is to use! I can't wait to go out next time!

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