Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review - Hungry Hikers Murray's Hurried Curry

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to win some hiking meals from Appalachia And Beyond (a great hiking blog!) One of the meals was Hungry Hikers Murray's Hurried Curry. It is one of those freeze dried, just add hot water meals.

I was excited to win these meals for several reasons, most of all because I LOVE yellow curry! I am the only one in my house that likes it, so I don't get it often.

While freeze dried meals do not sound very appetizing, most of them are very good. Generally, they work by simply adding them to boiling water and letting them sit. Once the dried food has absorbed the water, they are ready to eat. Each type of meal is different, but most take 10 -20 minutes to "cook".

The shelf life for freeze dried food is typically very long. Some last as long as 30 years. It should be noted that while old freeze dried food is safe to eat, it often looses a lot of nutritional value over time. The shelf life of Hungry Hikers Murray's Hurried Curry is relatively low, the expiration date was within one year of when it was packaged.

There are lots of considerations when choosing food to bring with you in the field. None more more important than its taste and its nutritional value. When I go out into the woods it is to have fun. Eating cruddy food is not fun. I also expend a lot of energy when I am out. I need food with a high calorie content.

I am glad to say that Hungry Hikers Murray's Hurried Curry excels in both these aspects.

The taste was very good. Not as good as from an Indian restaurant, but very good for a camp site. I ate my fill and then finished off the left overs the next day. My only complaint was that it left a strange aftertaste in my mouth. This aftertaste went away quickly.

What I was most impressed with is it nutritional content. I have never seen a freeze dried meal pack so many calories into one package! Each bag has a whopping 1080 calories! I am normaly happy to see 500 calories in most freeze dried meals. Over 1000 is amazing! It is very filling also, I could not finish the bag in one setting.

On top of everything they are priced at a reasonable $8.99 a pouch. I know that sounds expensive, but do a price comparison. Considering their high calorie content, Hungry Hikers Murray's Hurried Curry is a great buy!

I recommend this meal and intend to buy more.

No one paid me to do this review. I received the meal for free, but not in exchange for a review. I don't get paid if you buy any. It is my honest opinion.

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