Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Typical Day On The Water

This past week I had an opportunity to go fishing. I wanted to bring home a striper, now that they are in season. Opportunities are few and far between, so I take them when I can get them. The weather forecast was poor, rain and storms all day followed by a cold front. I knew that if I wanted to catch much I had to beat the cold front, so I donned my rain gear and headed out.

My timing was poor, I missed the low tide. Unfortunately, the tide does not always jive with my job and family! It ended up being a good day anyway.

They started out small with this pretty little red drum.

And got smaller with this baby spotted trout.

Things started to look up with this 16" red

This 18" blue cat put up a good fight. I love showing pictures like this to people who think you can only catch catfish on stink bait. I catch them all the time on bucktails and other lures!

I got excited about this 15 1/2" spotted trout. I found where they were and what they wanted! (Gulp swimming shad of course.)

This 17" trout really made my day. I never release legal spotted trout. They are just too yummy. Now that I had two, my wife and I had a good meal.

Still no striper.....

WhooHoo! A legal, 20" striper! It was kind of thin and had been recently attacked by something big enough to eat a 20" striper, but it was a striper none the less!

It always feels good to catch your target species!

Amazingly, this was a typical fishing trip for me this year. After discovering the joys of kayak fishing and the power of Gulp baits, I have been consistently successful. It feels good to finally be good at fishing!

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