Tuesday, October 30, 2012

12 Step Fish

I keep most of the eating size fish I catch. The only exceptions are large, freshwater fish. They are such a challenge to catch, I feel guilty taking them out of the system.

I keep most of the "keepers" I catch because my family eats a lot of fish. It is not uncommon for us to eat several pounds of the stuff a week. We have several recipes that we use. 12 Step fish is our favorite.

I call it "12 Step Fish" because it came from a list of recipes that claimed to only take 3 steps. This was a joke. While this recipe is not difficult, it has way more than 3 steps! It is kind of like those recipes that claim they only take 20 min to prepare, but include precooked meat and pre-chopped vegetables in their ingredient list. Anyway, "12 Step Fish" does not actually have 12 steps, it just seems like it.

12 Step Fish


Fish Fillets (light fish such as trout, croaker, stripper, or crappie are best)
1 Large Onion Sliced (2 if you really like onion, or you can substitute Garlic for the Onion)
1 cup Flower
2 cups Chicken Stock
1/4 cup Lemon Juice (Lime Juice or even Orange Juice will give it a diferent twist)
1 Tablespoon Butter
Olive oil

first day of school 003

Dredge the fish in flower. Coat a large skillet or saucepan in olive oil and cook fish over a medium heat. Do not over cook.

first day of school 004

When done, remove fish from pan and set aside. Cover the fish with a towel to keep warm.

first day of school 007

Caramelize the onion in the skillet. You may need to add some more olive oil. Make sure the are good and Caramelized.

first day of school 012

When the onions are done, add the chicken broth and lemon juice. Turn the stove to high and boil the mixture down to a thick sauce, stirring often.

first day of school 013

Once you just have a thick sauce, remove the skillet from heat and add the butter. Mix in the butter as it melts.

first day of school 016

Pour the sauce over the fish and serve. I like to eat it with sticky white rice and a green vegetable. Asparagus goes especially well with it.

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