Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Fishing Phone

Those of you who read this blog frequently know that I love my iPhone. I've written several posts on apps and accessories that an outdoorsman can use. These posts are some of my most popular.

I generally take my iPhone with me hunting and fishing. I have a Plano waterproof case that is made for it. This case is bulletproof and my phone is 100% safe while it is in it. However, to use the phone I have take the phone out of the case.

Therein lies the problem. Those few seconds that I take it out to check the time, weather, or my messages are perilous. Many times my iPhone has almost been lost or damaged while I had it out of its case. Also, the main reason I keep my phone with me when I am on the water is for safety. It occurred to me that if I fall overboard I will not be able to call for help. My phone will not work when wet.

So, I have started using a second, waterproof phone when I am out in my kayak or boat.

I use Verizon and adding a second line only costs $10 a month. A good, used waterproof phone only costs about $25, so it is kind of a no-brainer. Especially when you consider that it would cost several hundred to replace an iPhone and a waterproof phone adds another layer of safety.

I use a Casio G'zOne. It is a very tough phone. I have thrown it across the parking lot at work without more than a scuff and I have confirmed that it can receive calls while under water.

An added bonus to this whole thing is that my workplace does not have my fishing phone number! How many relaxing fishing trips have been tainted by an "urgent" text, voicemail, or email? Too many. Way too many.

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