Monday, February 25, 2013

27 Degrees and A Really Cold Bass

I was finally able to get a few hours away from work and family to go fishing. Unfortunately, it was 27 degrees at water level the only day I could go.

No problem! I have some great cold weather gear. Only my fingertips got cold and even that was not too bad.

Fishing was slooooow. Water temps were at 40 degrees and I was following a cold front. My goal was to use minnows and find some Crappies. I had no problem keeping my minnows alive in my insulated bait cooler, but moments after they hit the cold water they died.

No Crappies for me.

I did catch this beautiful little largemouth.

I think it was very cold. It did not close its mouth and barely moved when I got it out of the water. Going from 40 degree water to 27 degree air would be a shock. I quickly released it, so it could find some warmer water. 

I was happy with my one fish. It got the skunk out of my boat.
One of the lakes I fished is only accessible by kayak. I doubt a canoe could make it. You have to go through a narrow channel and under a foot bridge to access it. I had to lay down in my kayak to make it under the bridge. 
This is one of the reasons I love my kayak. I have access to water that would otherwise be unfishable. 
I'll say this, even a slow, cold day on the water is better than not getting out at all! I was able to watch a goose war (Literally. Two groups of geese started wailing on each other a few yards from my 'yak.) and try out some new mods on my kayak. 

Like my new GearTrack accessory rail!
It was a good day.

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