Monday, February 4, 2013

Review - AVEX Highland AUTOSEAL® Stainless Insulated Travel Mug

A big thanks to The Outdoor Blogging Network for setting up this review and many others!

AVEX was nice enough to send me one of their autoseal mugs to try out. If you have not seen one of these mugs, you are missing out! It is basically an insulated mug that will not leak, opens with one hand, and automatically reseals when done!

My wife got very excited when I told her I was going to review one. Apparently they are the envy of her mom's group. The ladies like to just keep it in their bag. Done taking a drink? Just throw it back in the bag, no worries!

Now it may work great in a girly mom's group, but is it tough enough for a hard day in the woods or on the water? Lets find out.

It is a double lined stainless steel mug with a plastic cap. The plastic cap has a built in valve that opens when a button is depressed and closes when the button is released. The button can be locked down, so it is not accidentally depressed. The bottom of the mug has a rubber grip. This does a good job of keeping the mug from sliding around. 

The autoseal valve works perfectly. You can trust it to not spill. Ever.

The internal working can be seen when you flip the cap over. It is a little complex. I can't help but wonder if the valve will start to stick open over time. This is especially a concern if you drink sugary drinks out of it. 

I can say after a month of use, this has not happened to me.

A bigger problem with the inner workings of the cap is getting it clean. There are just a ton of little crevices for gunk to hide in. It is dishwasher safe, but I never seemed to get it 100% clean.

AVEX claims that it will keep liquids hot for 7 hours and cold for 20 hours. This is true. After 6 hours my hot chocolate was still very hot. Burn your mouth hot! This is by far the best insulation I have seen in a mug.

Is it tough? Yup.

I have taken it out in my kayak several times. I am tough on gear. Very tough. Several times I got a bite while I was taking a drink. When that happened I just threw the mug back in my tank well. No problems. 

I loved that I could use it with one hand and did not have to worry about keeping it upright or sealed. 

If anyone is wondering, yes, it floats.

I would not drop it out of my tree stand onto a rock, or run over it with my truck, but aside from crazy accidents like that, it is perfect for an outdoorsman.

You can find the Avex HIghland Insulated Mug online for about $25. It is well worth the price.

I received the Avex HIghland Insulated Mug for free in exchange for this review. This review is 100% my honest opinion. I received no compensation for it, other than the mug itself.

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