Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY Camera Hat Mount

Have you noticed those cool point of view videos that are popular right now? Someone attaches a camera to their head, gun, or bow and does cool stuff. I really want to do this. These action cameras are not supper expensive, ranging from $100 - $300 for consumer grade quality. I just haven't been able to dish out that much money for one. So, I came up with a way to mount any camera to my hat for less than a dollar. You probably have everything you need laying around.

First, before people bash my idea, it does not work well for heavy cameras and it is not for high impact sports. Don't go snowboarding with it. I find that it works perfectly for my Flip camcorder and decently for my old snapshot camera. The camera needs to have a tripod mount (most do). Also, you will look dorky while wearing it.

You will need the following:

  • Ball cap (I used a spare blaze orange cap I keep in my truck.)
  • Short bolt
  • Nut that fits the bolt (optional)
  • Lock nut that fits the bolt
  • Knife, or something else pokey

First, take your camera to a hardware store or out to your tool shed and find a bolt that will thread into its tripod mount. The ideal bolt will be about half an inch long. The shortest bolt I could find was an inch long, so I threaded a nut onto it to make the threads shorter. Bolts can be cut to size with a hack saw, but be sure and clean up the threads when you are done with a file. You don't want to ruin the tripod mount on your camera.

Punch a small hole in the bill of the hat close the the rim. It needs to be big enough for the bolt to go through, but not so big that the nut will go through.

Push the bolt through the hole. It should be tight.

Thread the lock nut onto the bolt. Tighten it as well as you can. Lock nuts have a plastic insert that make it hard to remove. You could use a regular nut here, but you would have to constantly tighten it or your camera would spin around.

That is it! Now just thread your camera onto the bolt, point it in the right direction, and press play. It is my experience that in moderate to low activity the camera stays pointing in the right direction and small, inexpensive cameras like the Flip take better video than most action cams.

Sorry for the crappy photo, this is what happens when your good camera is part of the subject.

Now all I have to do is go do something exciting!

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