Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review - Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Last year one of my life long friends, Pastor Gibb Hale, dropped by where I work and handed me a Buck 110. This was a little surprising to me because he lives almost 1000 miles away and I work a school. Large hunting knifes are not commonly exchanged at schools these days! He had heard that I was getting back into hunting and wanted to give me this knife. He told me that it was the best knife he has ever owned and was THE perfect hunting knife.

Pastor Hale is an avid and very successful hunter. He was my dad's roommate in college, so I have known him all my life. I wasn't sure if the Buck 110 is the best knife in the world, but I trusted him that it was good. I also figured it might bring me some good Juju, coming from such an old friend. Yes, I find myself caught up in the superstition of hunting. My head says it is dumb, but I just can't help myself from always looking for "lucky" pieces of gear to carry.

The Buck 110 is possibly the most boring knife ever. It is a folder (boring), cannot be opened with one hand (boring), has your typical wood and brass handle (boring), and does not have a belt clip (boring). The well made leather sheath it came with is black and unobtrusive. This knife was made for work, not to look cool.

It comes razor sharp with a nice pointy tip. The 110 is hefty, but not heavy. There is no play in the action or the lock.

Ok..... This review of a very boring knife is boring me to write. It must be very painful to read. Lets skip to the exciting part. I can tell you everything you need to know in one statement:

I gutted, skinned, and butchered a deer with this knife without having to resharpen it. When I was done it could still shave hair off my arm.

That's all you need to know. Any knife that can do that is worth buying at any price. A $40 knife that can do that is a no-brainer. I think it is totally reasonable to say that the Buck 110 is the perfect hunting knife.

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