Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Ultralight Kind Of Day

Sometimes I have to remind myself that fishing is all about having fun. It does not get more fun than ultralight!

So, when the big fish decided not to bite a few weeks ago, I took out my ultralight rod and slew the dinks!

Bass and Crappie mostly on an unweighted 4" lizzard and top water Teeny Torpedo. 2 pound test at least made the fights a little challenging.

I've had that same Teeny Torpedo for almost 25 years. I think I got it when I was 9 years old. It has caught me hundreds of fish.

Topwater Crappie are always a nice surprise!

My first Blue Gill of the year, a nice handful.

A dozen or more bass were landed.

All under 14"

The ultralight rod I used is 23 years old. It was a gift for my 10th birthday. I found it this winter in an old chest of keepsakes. It still has good juju!

As I was leaving this ugly buzzard landed in a tree just a few yards away from me. He gave me the stink eye, so I backed off. It hopped to the ground and picked up a tiny dead mouse. I found it amazing that it saw such a tiny dead thing from way up high.

No monsters to brag about today, just a lot of fun using tackle from my childhood. Sometimes it is good to enjoy the little fish in life!

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