Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kayak Silent Traction System Install

I have been working on the rigging of my new Trident 13 for several months now. I am finished and am going to start a series of post on what I did and how I did it. I plan on finishing with a monster overview post, showing all of my customization. This is the eighth post in the series.

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Most of the upgrades I have made to my kayak has been either for convenience, or for safety. Very few actually increase my ability to catch fish. The stealthy nature of my kayak and good bait presentation to the fish catching. This upgrade actually helps me catch fish.

Before I got a kayak I used to be a very, very poor fisherman. I would take my Jon boat out and fish, but would never catch much. It was not until I went fishing with my Dad, him in the Jon boat and me in a kayak, that I began to understand why I used to rarely catch fish.

Jon boats are loud. When I fish with Dad I feel like someone is playing the drums right next to me. Every dropped weight, setting down of a pole, or shifting of the feet reverberated through the lake. When I fished next to him, I caught nothing. When I moved a hundred yards away, I began catching. Every time we go out I end up catching ten fish to his one, no exaggeration. This is using the same baits and rigs.

Keeping quiet on the water is vitally important. Now, I am extra careful to not make a sound against my hull.

The black stuff is Silent Traction material
The Silent Traction System is one of the few products you can attach to your boat that will actually help you catch fish. It is an adhesive backed rubber that you can attach to virtual anything, making it absolutely silent. It also makes things very "grippy", meaning you or your stuff will not slip off of it.

It is easy to apply.

Silent Traction material comes in a big sheet. You simply have to cut it with scissors to fit the contours of your kayak.

I like to make a template to ensure a nice, clean fit.

I start out by masking off the area I want to cover with masking tape. Then I gently peel off the masking tape and transfer it to the sheet of Silent Traction material.

I then cut it out, peel off the adhesive backing, and attach it to my kayak. It is a good idea to clean and dry your kayak before applying the material. This will ensure a good adhesion.

Doesn't get much easier than that.

I'm not sure what they use as an adhesive, but it is strong. Treat this like a permanent addition to your 'yak.

Every time I go out I take note of where I tend to rest my rods and other junk. What makes the most sound? Then, when I get home, I add Silent Traction material to that area.

Don't forget to add it to the bottom of your tank well. Not only will it keep things quiet, it will keep your stuff from sliding around.

Silent Traction material can be hard to find, and it goes by other names. It is sold as Conseal at Hook 1. This is probably the best place to buy it. You can get enough for your whole boat for around $40. Money well spent. 

If you do order it from Hook 1 be sure to use coupon code UNLUCKYHUNTER for 10% off!

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