Saturday, May 25, 2013

How To Pour Your Broken Soft Plastic Lures Into New Ones

Soft plastics catch fish. They are my favorite type of bait, hands down. The problem with soft plastics is that they do not last long. If I can catch 3 fish on one before it is destroyed, I feel lucky.
Instead of tossing my old torn soft plastics, I recycle them into custom poured baits.
It is stupidly easy and inexpensive. All you need is a small glass container, some gloves, a microwave, and a mold.
The mold is probably the only thing you will need to buy. I got mine on ebay for $7 shipped. So, for about the price of one bag of soft plastics, I can make an infinite supply from my broken baits.
I chose a 5.5" lizard mold as it is my confidence bait and can be hard to find. You can find a mold for just about anything.
The first step is to put a couple baits in the glass container. Don't put too many in at first.
Then microwave them until they are melted. I start with 1:20, but check it constantly. You do not want to burn it. It is very stinky, so have an open window or exhaust fan going.

Put on your gloves and stir the molten baits with a toothpick or something.

It will be extremely hot. I often get burnt through my gloves. Be very, very careful!

Slowly, and carefully pour the melted plastic into the mold.

The more careful you are, the less trim work you will have to do.
The plastic cools quickly. After a min or two, carefully peel your new bait out of the mold.

Notice the areas you will need to trim.


Take a sharp knife or scissors and trim up your bait.
Your hand poured baits will probably not look as nice as ones from a factory. They will have some jagged edges and uneven areas. Don't wory, they will fish just as well. In fact, your baits may have some unique action.

Once you get the hang of it, you can try to make some neet two tone baits. You can make some cool baits that you simply cannot find in stores.
In one evening, I was able to make a nice pile of lures at virtualy no cost.

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