Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 IPhone Apps Every Hunter Needs

In many ways the IPhone has changed my life. Information is not longer a laptop away, it is always with me. There seems to be an App for almost everything. Hunting is no exception. While most of the hunting Apps are crappy game calls, some are extremely useful. Here are the five I have on my phone that I would not want to be without:

1. RadarUS $1.99
RadarUS is one of my most used Apps period. It is very simple, it only does one thing. It shows the weather radar for the area you are in. You can zoom out to see a big storm coming, or zoom in to see exactly where it is storming the worst. It has a simple lime lapse that helps determine what direction a storm is traveling. That is it. It is simple and reliable.

A storm is coming!

2. Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide $.99
I am not trained in first aid, so a first aid manual is a must. This app very simply tells you how to treat yourself or someone else who is injured. It has a long list of injuries, you select the one that applies, and it shows you plainly with pictures and text how to treat it. I've never needed it in an emergency, but I feel better having it.

Who knew a pillow made a good splint?

3. Winchester Ballistics Calculator FREE
I don't exclusively use Winchester Ammo, but when I do this is very handy. You input the conditions; load and bullet type, sight in range, cross wind, and temperature. The App tells you how much bullet drop and drift you will experience at any given range. Very useful for long ranges.

This is the cartridge I'm using this year.

4. Cabela's Recon Hunt $3.99
This is currently the best dedicated hunting App. It is not perfect, but it is still awesome. It tells you the moon and sun times and it acts as a GPS with satellite imagery. If you don't have cell coverage where you hunt you can download the satellite imagery for the area and have it available. It has all the normal GPS computations, like mph, elevation, and distance to next way point. There is a blood trailing feature that lets you mark where you shot an animal and everywhere you find blood. This alone is a great tool. It has a fairly extensive ballistics calculator. Look for a full review of this App soon.

Just in case I need to track wounded game in my neighborhood

5. Texting
OK, not really an App. Texting is a great way to communicate with friends in the field and let your loved ones know how you are doing. It is silent and not distracting. It has completely made two way radios obsolete for me.

These are the Apps I use in the field. What do you use?
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