Monday, July 25, 2011

Clean Your Knife!

I loaned my Adult Precision Air Rifle to a friend this week. He is having a problem with rabbits in his garden and needed to take care of them. I told him in exchange I wanted one of the rabbits. I want to tan the hides of some of my kills this year and I wanted to practice on one of his rabbits. He brought me one last night.

A yummy pest

The last thing I did after I skinned and cleaned the rabbit was clean my knife. It reminded me of all the times I have seen people clean game, wash off their knife, and then use it to cut up their lunch. Gross! Your hunting knife should be treated like your kitchen knifes. After it touches raw meat it should be cleaned with soap before it is used for anything else.

Would you really want your food to touch that?

Clean your knife! Your immune system will thank you.

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