Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quota hunts in Virginia

I applied for all the quota hunts I want to participate in this year. Virginia has a lottery system for "popular" hunting grounds. To them "popular" must mean "inhospitable land with few animals that only people with no options would want to hunt." Most of the hunts are in dense swamp or marshland. Last year I got so entangled in vines I had to cut my way out with my hunting knife, while standing in knee deep water. The terrain of some of them is so inhospitable that they require you to fill out a waver. Few animals are killed. I participated in one hunt with 116 hunters. Only two deer were killed, a doe and a fawn. Another hunt I participated in only had two deer taken on its 3908 acres all season.

Also, the special rules they place on hunters is sometimes ridiculous. One hunt closes all the perfectly good access roads and makes hunters walk miles. Many are shotgun only, which is common. However, Shotgun season usually allows hunters to either use a shotgun or muzzleloader. One hunt requires shotgun with slugs or buckshot only, no muzzleloaders or bows. This may sound inconsequential to someone who hunts with a center fire rifle, but most people around here prefer a muzzleloader to a shotgun. They also change the rules without telling anyone. You may come prepared with a climbing stand and they decide to ban them this year.

You usually only have one day to scout.  That's really not enough time to learn the land, let alone pattern deer.

It costs 7.50 to apply for each hunt. Except one that costs 10.00. I applied for 12 hunts. For a cost of 92.50. Personally I think this is a bargain. Especially compared to joining a hunt club or leasing land.

You may be wondering why I Even bother. Its because I have no choice. There are some benefits. The hunts are not over crowded. It gives me an opportunity to hunt that I normally would not have. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Hopefully I will get lucky and draw a few hunts.
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