Friday, July 22, 2011

It’s About Time the Sunday Hunting Ban in Virginia is Repealed

It is illegal to hunt in Virginia on Sundays. This archaic law is strictly enforced around here. This year there is a big push to have it repealed. I believe it is time for it to be repealed and I also believe the anti-hunters are going to fight us hard for it. Lets look at their arguments.

The anti-hunting crowd "fears" that there will be shooting outside of churches and it will disturb the service. They also "fear" that someone will be out for a Sunday stroll (in the middle of winter) and get shot. Another ill-conceived argument is that hunting dogs will run though a church parking lot chasing a deer and disrupt the service. I'm not making these up. This is all they can come up with. The anti-hunting crowd is trying to make people choose between their religion and hunting. Most people are not buying it.

As to hunting on Sunday disturbing church services, how many churches have deer stands next to them? What type of hunting in Virginia requires enough gunfire to disturb a service? When I am on public land hunting I rarely hear more than a shot or two. The only exception is dove hunting. How could dogs running through a parking lot disturb anyone? Not that this would happen often. A Sunday stroll in the middle of winter? If someone is strolling where I hunt they are either trespassing or on public land.

Don't get me wrong. I am actively involved in my church. I faithfully attend three times a week. Take a look at my other web site. Christianity is number one in my life, hunting doesn't even compare.

That said, I believe people should have the freedom to do what they want. If they want to go to church, fine. If they want to hunt, fine. It is between them and God, not them and the state of Virginia. The people that go to church won't hunt and the people that hunt wouldn't go to church anyway.

Sunday hunting would benefit every hunter. It would give the weekend hunters more time. It would make the woods less crowded on other days. Many only have Sundays off, they would have an opportunity to hunt.

Most people agree with me.

I cannot, historically, find the reasoning behind the original ban. Although I must assume it is the same as the ban on buying alcohol on Sunday, or on operating a business before noon on Sunday. Blue laws.  Someone in high office created a law to push their religious beliefs on others. True belief is come to by a persons free will and freedom is found in being allowed to do as much as possible.

Repealing the Sunday hunting ban is coming, and it will be great triumph for freedom.
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