Friday, July 29, 2011

Review - Crossman 2260SE Pellet Rifle

Sometimes you want to just plink. You don't want a gun that is heavy or loud. You don't want an air gun that makes your arm sore after 20 shots or that can shoot through your shed door. You certainly don't want something expensive to shoot. When I am in this type of mood I grab my Crossman 2260SE pellet rifle. It is probably the best CO2 powered rifle you can buy for less than $300. It might be the best air rifle you can buy for under $300.

A great gun

The Crossman 2260SE is a bolt action, single shot, .22 caliber, CO2 powered, adult precision air rifle. You can get one for about $225. I got mine from Pyramid Air, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. It weighs a light 4.75 pounds. The manufacturer says its muzzle velocity is 600 fps. I doubt this claim, but do not have a chronograph. So, I cannot test it.

It is a well made gun. The stock is solid wood. It looks like poplar to me, but can't say for sure. The stock is finished nice. While it does not have the WOW factor $1000 stocks do, it is impressive when compared to other guns in this price point. Most of the parts are metal, with nice bluing. The trigger and front site are plastic. While this is disappointing, it does not affect the guns performance.

The trigger pull is single stage and light. It breaks evenly and consistently. The safety is a standard behind the trigger button deal. It is easy and intuitive to function. I wish more airgun safeties were like this.

Plastic, but a good trigger

The iron sights totally suck. They can hardly be adjusted. This rifle comes with a nice scope and it is best if you just use it. I'm not sure why they even included these sights, it makes the entire gun look cheaper.

Sucky, Sucky, Sucky
Speaking of the scope. The 6X Center Point that comes with the rifle is very nice and is a great fit for this gun. Mil-dots are a nice touch. The illuminated reticles are fun, but not very practical. It is clear and holds its zero.

I have trouble taking pictures through a scope. Trust me, its nice.

It is a single shot. To load it you place the pellet into a tray and then simply close the bolt. With the scope installed it can be tricky to load the pellet. You need to "roll" it in. My Dad has large fingers and has trouble with this.

Not the easiest to load

Installing the CO2 cartridge is easy. First, always put a drop of pellgunoil on the tip of the CO2 cartridge. This will lubricate your guns innards and keep its seals working well. If you do this, your rifle will last for decades.

Unscrew the CO2 reservoir.

Place the cartridge in.

Push the cartridge all the way in and tighten the screw.

Accuracy is where the 2260 really shines. Within 30 yards it is impressive. One hole groups at 20 yards are common. It gets a low 30 shots per cartridge before accuracy starts to suffer. After 40 shots it peters out quickly. There is no recoil.

20 yards 5 shot group. The shot to the right was my fault, I knew when I pulled the trigger it was off.

It is the most powerful CO2 rifle I've ever used. I've never shot a mammal with it, but I have killed more starlings with it than I can remember. Scores, probably hundreds. As long as it is in its first 30 shots the pellet hits hard and penetrates well. It will penetrate 1/2 inch plywood. I would have no problem shooting a squirrel or rabbit with the 2260 as long as it was within 20 yards and with a fresh CO2 cartridge.

You will not find a more quiet air rifle. The first shot is loud, but after that all that is heard is the click of the action and the impact of the pellet.

I love this gun. It is one of my favorites. I shoot it when I just want to have fun. It is perfect for a beginner. I plan to teach my children to shoot with it. I'm really looking forward to that one.

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