Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camping Recipe - Omlette In A Bag

If you are a regular reader, you may know by now that I enjoy a hot lunch when I am hunting all day. Nothing keeps me going like a full belly of warm food! Usually I use expensive self heating meals. These work great, but are generally lacking in the taste department. Some brands are very good, others are barely edible. To solve this problem I have added a backpacking stove to the list of things I keep in my truck. This will give me almost unlimited hot lunch options. One of my favorite quick camping recipes is the Omlette-in-a-bag.

The Omlette-in-a-bag is more of a cooking technique than a recipe. Here is how it is done:

1. Bring two or three cups of water to a boil. This does not have to be good water, your food is never actually going to touch it.
As the water is coming to a boil:

2. Crack an egg (or two) and put it in a zip-lock bag.

3. Kneed the bag, mixing up the egg.

4. Add any other ingredients you like. I just added cheese this time, but mushrooms, cooked bacon, and diced vegetables would all be great!

5. Kneed the ingredients into the egg.

6. Remove as much air from the bag as possible. You will want it to sink in the water.

Once the water is boiling:

7. Place the bag in the boiling water. Use a stick to keep it submerged.

8. After 10 -12 minutes remove the bag and enjoy the contents. I like it on a bun.

The nice thing about cooking this way is that there is virtually no cleanup. You are not limited to eggs, it is a great way to warm up just about any precooked meal!

I didn't come up with this technique, it was passed onto me by a friend. You can find a few variations of it online if you look hard enough.

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