Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Discovering the Survival Bracelet

Have you ever discovered something new, gotten excited, told everyone you knew about it, only to find out it was common knowledge? You were literaly the last one to hear about it. That happened to me this week.

I was Stumbling arround the net, my favorite time killer, and found a site about Survival Bracelets. Survival Bracelets are bracelts made out of paracord that you can unravle if you need some rope. Paracord is unbelievable stuff. It has as many useses as duct tape. The idea of always having some with me was exciting.

There is about 8 feet of cord in there

A hunter should always have a little rope, like paracord, with them. You can use it fix boot laces, gun slings, belts, or backpack straps. It can be used to drag or even hang kills. Paracord can help you make a simple shelter or blind. The uses are almost endless.

So I bought one. It was a little expensive, $7 or so, but I figured it would be worth it if I ever needed it.

I got in in the mail yesterday. Disapointedly, it does not fit my wrist. Like most things, too big. I even ordered the smallest size. I can still attach it to my pack or a belt loop, so not all is lost. As I was looking closer at the bracelet I determined that it would be easy to make. A simple search on the net found dozens of ways to make them. Apparently there is an entire subculture on the net based on making things with paracord. Making a braclet looks easy.

Nothing ever fits.....

I'm going to get some paracord and try making on that fits me. If I am successfull I'll show it to you.

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