Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review - Smokies Angling Adventures Guide Services

A few days ago I went on a guided fishing trip in the Smokie Mountains. Although I didn't catch much, I had a great time. This was the first time I had been on a guided trip. When I started I didn't know what to expect, so I thought I would do a review of the guide service so if someone wants to go on a guided trip, they will have an idea what to expect.

On our way up to Gatlinburg, TN my wife suggested I go fishing. I hadn't packed any gear, so I knew I would need to either rent some or find a guide that would provide some. I tasked my wife to find a guide who would provide gear for me. She used her IPhone and found Smokies Angling Adventures Guide Services .

I was afraid that they would not be able to work me in while I was in town. However when I called they had two openings. I scheduled a morning four hour trip for $150. They offer six and eight hour trips for $175 and $200 respectively. I would have rather gone for six or eight hours, but I was on a family trip and needed to spend time with family.

The booking agent got my information and told me my guide would call me the next day to set up a time and place to meet. As promised, my guide called me. He was very professional. He asked if I wanted to fly fish or use spinning gear (I chose spinning) and whether I wanted to fish for trout or small mouth bass (I chose trout). We set up a time and place to meet.

The morning of my fishing trip I met my guide, we did paper work and went directly to our fishing spot. Apparently no one else booked the day, so I was one on one with my guide. My guide, Gary, was very friendly and knew his stuff. He knew individual holes to fish and exactly the best way to fish them. We worked up and down a river catching little. Gary did a great job of teaching me where to look for trout and how to fish for them. This lesson was worth the price alone.

Fishing with a guide was a great experience. When my line got snagged Gary worked it loose while I continued fishing with the spare pole. He baited the hooks and unhooked the fish. I didn't have to worry with all of the undesirable aspects of fishing. I truly enjoyed Gary's company. I know I was paying him to be my friend, but I felt very comfortable with him. He told great fishing stories and patiently instructed me.

Gary was visibly disappointed that I didn't catch much. His clients usually do much better. He put me on fish, we could see them. They just were not biting. I wasn't surprised, being perpetually unlucky I was not expecting to catch much. I have learned to enjoy the experience no matter the outcome. That said, using the Smokies Angling Adventures Guide Services was a great experience.

You can contact Smokies Angling Adventures Guide Services at:

Smokies Angling Adventures
Captain David Berry
3520 Dockery Dr.
Mascot, TN. 37806

Pigeon Forge and Sevierville Tennessee
865-933-3140 or 865-661-5107

Smokies Angling Adventures did not compensate me for this review. I paid for it with my own money.

A hurricane is bearing down on me right now, so I'm not sure how long I will have power. There may not be many posts for the next few days!

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