Monday, August 1, 2011

Essential gear - Remington R-93 2-Blade Razor Pocket Folding Knife

Sometimes you are given something that you would have never wanted or bought, and it becomes one of your favorite things. This happened to me with the Remington R-93 2-Blade Razor Pocket Folding Knife.

I was visiting my in-laws a couple years ago and my father-in-law, Carl, handed me this knife. He said that he had won it at a local fair, and had no use for it. I smiled and admired the obviously well made knife, all the while thinking "I'm never going to use this." It was very small, delicate almost, and one of its two blades was a straight razor. I've never understood the reason for attaching a straight razor to a pocket knife. Do people actually shave with them?

I would never shave my face with this
It was not until a year later that I fully understood how good of a knife the Remington R-93 is. I was at their house again and had come into the possession of a freshly dead squirrel. I wanted to skin and eat it, but only had my Swiss Army Knife. The thought of cleaning blood and hair out of every crevice of my nice Swiss Army Knife made me cringe. Then I remembered that I had thrown the knife Carl gave me in the glove box of my van.

The markings are classy
Using that little knife to skin and gut the squirrel earned it a place in my pocket whenever I hunt small game. It is the perfect small game knife. Let me give you the details of the knife and then I will explain.

Blades: 2
Steel: 440 high carbon stainless steel - hollow ground
Clip Blade Length: 1 7/8"
Razor Blade Length: 1 7/8"
Open Length: 5 7/8"
Closed Length: 3"
Handle: Laminate Wood
Lock Type: None

The knife came out of the box fairly sharp, but it took a few swipes on my porcelain rods to make it supper sharp. Surprisingly, the razor blade was not as sharp as the clip blade. 440 HC Stainless Steel is very hard steel. Most good knife makers use this steel.

Less than 2 inches long
The clip blade has "Remington" and "Made In USA" stamped on it. It is sharp all the way to the tip. The blade is ground and polished nicely. Opening the clip blade is a little tough, but not hard.

A nice edge all the way to the point

After using the razor blade a few times I discovered something interesting. It is easier to sharpen the 90 degree point to a sharp point than a normal knife tip. It is useful for trimming hides and making the initial cut.

The tip is very easy to sharpen and surprisingly useful

The handle is a beautiful laminate wood. It has been dyed green. It feels good in my hand. I really like how balanced this knife is. The weight is back in the handle, making it easy to maneuver. For a small knife, it has some nice weight.

It's easy on the eyes

The back of the knife is tight, with no play or apparent gaps.

And well made

The Remington R-93 is a small knife. Which is actually its greatest asset. It's smallness allows you to make very precise cuts, much like you would with a scalpel.

You could almost say tiny

While it may be too small for someone with large hands. It fits perfectly in mine.

The Remington R-93 has both beautiful and functional. It costs about $30 on Amazon, about $45 at most retailers. I love mine.

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