Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review - Cabelas Extreme Outfitter Monopod

A few days ago I told you about a good deal on Cabelas website. A shooting stick for $14.88. Lets see if it is a good deal.

First impressions of this monopod were good. It looks sturdy and the main tube is made of aluminum, not plastic. Upon closer inspection the plastic parts are not molded very well. There are burrs and rough spots on every edge. These are easily removed, and should be expected for a $15 shooting stick. I would have been disappointed if I had paid the original $39.99.

It is very light. You would not notice this in your pack.

The plastic clips that allow you to raise and lower the monopod lock and unlock well. They are easily positioned and hold well. When I put my weight on the extended legs they do slip a little, but under the weight of a gun they are solid. The rubber foot is a nice touch.

The head of the monopod has a nice foam handle and wrist strap. The gun rest is fairly standard, all of my rifles and shotguns fit nicely.

The gun rest has knobs that are are for attaching a strap up and over your gun, keeping the pod attached. It does not come with this strap, which is anoying.  I will definitely fashion a strap for this.

The head spins very freely. I was concerned about this at first, but with the weight of a rifle it does not wobble.

The gun rest removes, revealing a screw that you can attach a camera or spotting scope.

I was very impressed at how steady I could hold my rifle from standing position. It was as steady as I usually am from a sitting position. Impressive.

From sitting position the rifle was even steadier. Although not much more than my normal siting position. The greatest benefit of the monopod while sitting is that I can keep my gun in a firing position for a long time. If game came into view I could take a shot without much movement.

Overall I am very happy with the Cabelas Extreme Outfitter Monopod. It will make a great addition to my kit. For $14.88 it is a must buy!

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